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Microsoft Teams Mobile App for People on the Go Makes Busy Lives Easier

Key Points:

  • As life returns to normal, many people attend events more often and aren’t limited to working at a desk.
  • For people who are constantly on the go and have a busy lifestyle, Microsoft offers a solution that ensures you remain in contact with your co-workers.
  • You can download and install Microsoft team on your cell phone to keep you connected with your team even when you aren’t in the office.
  • Teams for mobile has nearly all the features you’ll have on a PC to allow you to run your business from anywhere.

Work shouldn’t be limited to sitting at a desk with a computer. As life is returning to normal, nearly everyone is constantly on the go and should get work done from airports, coffee shops, the couch, and while commuting.

Microsoft understands that modern work dynamic and offers you a Teams mobile experience similar to the desktop. The provider has a whole team focusing on optimizing the Teams mobile experience to make busy lives easier.

You can be on the go without compromising your productivity.

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What You Can Do With Teams for Mobile

With the Teams mobile app, you can connect with your colleagues and work on projects together even when you’re away from your workstation. You can execute the following tasks with the app:

  • Collaborate with co-workers: Teams mobile app has a feature that allows you and your co-workers to share content in a meeting or a call even when you’re away from your desk. You can share PowerPoint slides, videos, photos, Word files, spreadsheets, and even your phone screen to show coworkers what you’re looking at on your phone.
  • Transfer a call from your PC to your phone: Sometimes, circumstances necessitate that you drop off an important conference call to go to your next appointment. Teams mobile app offers a seamless experience to transfer a call from your mobile to your computer or vice versa without interrupting the meeting flow.
  • Chat: Apart from the typical chat, Microsoft Teams mobile allows you to send audio messages, which is an excellent alternative to typing. The chat feature allows you to share a unique personality and tone to the message.

The mobile app has other great features that allow you to execute functions such as:

  • Making audio and video calls
  • Sharing files
  • Scheduling events
  • Starting meetings
  • Taking meetings
  • Jumping into a meeting

You can execute nearly all functions you’d do on your PC, which makes it an excellent productive tool in the on-the-go world. Plus, you can access all your teams’ documents and conversations from your cell phone, so you don’t need to worry about carrying your laptop or tablet.

The Best Part of Microsoft Teams Mobile App

The best part of the Teams mobile app is that you can transfer the meeting back to your PC once you return to your workstation. Microsoft Team will resume work as normal once you transfer it back to your PC.

The greatest functionality of the mobile app is that it allows you to be more productive even when you’re out of the office. You can keep working and stay in contact with your team.

Regardless of where you’re — Plane, airport, back parking lot, back side of your building, traveling in a different city, or meeting — Teams app makes it easy to remain connected with your team and get work done.

Colorado Computer Support Can Help Your Team Leverage the Powers of Microsoft Teams Mobile App

If your company already uses Teams, you can install the mobile app to take advantage of all the great features. Our experts at Colorado Computer support can answer any of your questions about the Microsoft Teams mobile app.

Contact us today to leverage the powers of Teams for mobile.

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