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Published On: July 15, 2018 by Blake Schwank

How To Choose Which IT Help Desk For Your Law Office in Colorado Springs

In today’s internet connection and the app-driven world, you can easily purchase software online; then be whisked away to a download and installation page, and within minutes you are launching your new software program on your personal computer. The process was smooth, fast, and seamless.

However, when you try to do the same from your company’s computer; you ran into a little bit of a snag. An installation error message or code popped up on your computer screen like some of these:

  • Software error
  • Not for commercial use
  • This system does not support software version
  • The file corrupted, please redownload and reinstall the software
  • If you’ve received this error message, please contact the seller for immediate support

As you read the error code you got, it may have been confusing at first. You’ve reread the download and installation instructions. You double-checked the authentication installation code or license

key-numbers emailed to you. You made sure the software package selected was for a 64-bit system, not a 32-bit system, for Windows 10, not Linux or Mac, but for some reason, the program will not install. This scenario happens all the time.

Here’s A Typical Situation

A law firm in Colorado Springs must use a new program they recently downloaded and tried to install, but they keep getting “software error” messages. The Office Manager has attempted multiple installations with no success. They’ve downloaded the software several times. And still, after numerous attempts the installation stalls, and only error messages flash across the screen.

After about the tenth time, the manager is finally forced to call the software company. With the support services and office manager on the phone, working together; all suggestions and solutions have been exhausted, nothing seems to fix the problem. The program will not install, and they are still getting the same software error messages.

The software company is stumped, and their final suggestion is for the manager to call their company’s IT Help Desk for further assistance. The problem might not be the software, but rather a security-related issue; which prevents installing any unauthorized software on the company’s computers.

Here’s Why Online Software Help Is More Complicated For Businesses

Online software support is excellent and has become every computer user’s “go-to” source; everything from software to computing, Office 365 to Cloud Data backups, and so on. But, there are times when a software company’s support is not able or capable of assisting a business, and you are directed to speak to your IT Help Desk personnel, like the staff at Colorado Computer Support in Colorado Springs, Co.

Quite often the complications of installing new software, on a company computer; stem from industry-specific regulations and cybersecurity protocols that protect a business or facility’s infrastructure. With increased security measures being mandatory; the smooth, fast, and seamless download and installation experience on your home computer, comes to a grinding halt with your company’s computers.

Your IT Help Desk Support Team Is Your Business Computer’s Solution

The IT Help Desk is designed and made up of multiple help levels or support teams. Some IT Security companies; due to the size and scope of their operation, may have both. Meaning, they have various departments, physical locations, and serve clients both locally and internationally, or may specialize and only service a particular industry; I.E., Healthcare, Legal, or Non-profits nationwide.

To install that new program or software package on a company computer now requires additional steps to be taken; administrative tasks and permissions for access; security protocol measures, updates, scanning, monitoring, and then documenting the event. Due to these cybersecurity procedures, this is where the IT Help Desk steps in and assists.

How To Choose Which Help Desk Level – Before You Make That Call

Before you have to make that call to an IT Help Desk; below is a breakdown of what to expect when you call in for assistance. Each section below provides a summary. When you call in; make sure to have the type of computer, operating system, the software that will not install on that computer, along with any other documentation about the program and the steps you and the online software support attempted.

A word of caution, if you are not at the administrative level in your firm, the IT Help Desk support team may require speaking to that individual first before proceeding.

*For clarification, this article will refer to each section below as Help Desk Level 1, 2, 3 and so on.

Help Desk Level 1 – FAQ or Knowledge Base Support

At this level, an IT Computer support company may have an FAQ page or Knowledge Base section setup at their website. Most frequently asked questions are found there and are self-serving to the visitor. This section serves primarily as an archive of information. You may search through it freely and possibly find the answer or solution to your question.

Help Desk Level 2 – Desktop Support

At this level, you have desktop support. The IT Desktop support team at this level focuses on issues Level 1 could not solve related to:

  • laptops
  • desktops
  • peripherals

They will:

  • configure the devices for new users
  • repair or troubleshoot software
  • diagnose computer hardware issues
  • move and set up workstations

Help Desk Level 3 – Network Support

At this level, you have network support. The IT Network support team at this level focuses on infrastructure, hardware, and network software. The foundation and equipment would be:

  • servers
  • firewalls
  • switches
  • backup systems

The IT Network support team at this level also has network services that perform:

  • email configuration
  • file management
  • security issues

Help Desk Level 4 – Server Support

At this level, you have server support. The IT Server support team at this level focuses on servers in a business or organization. Their responsibilities include:

  • storage
  • databases
  • email accounts
  • network shares
  • network resources
  • network authentication
  • content management systems
  • specialized proprietary services
  • every part of the server software
  • industry-specific server-based applications

Help Desk Level 5 – Telecom Support

At this level, you have telecom support. The IT Telecom support team at this level focuses on telephone infrastructure such as:

  • PBX
  • VOIP
  • Modems
  • Voicemail
  • Telephones
  • Fax machines

They are responsible for:

  • Moving and configuring company telephone numbers
  • Configuration and setup of company voicemails

IT Help Desk For Companies & Firms In Colorado Springs

From here on out, when you call into your IT Help Desk, you will know in advance, how to choose which level would be the best choice for solving your software error messages. In our example above, which IT Help Desk level was the best choice for the construction firm’s Office Manager?

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