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Virtualized technology seems like something out of a science fiction movie, but virtualization is a powerful new IT solution that is making it easier than ever for Colorado businesses to take advantage of innovative technology without a huge associated price tag:

  • Eliminate clunky and expensive servers that eat up space and power in your office, and demand regular maintenance and attention.
  • Strip away excess applications that come pre-loaded on most PCs, by using a virtual desktop environment tailored specifically for your business.
  • Access large business-grade applications that would be too expensive to implement on your own, easily hosted in a virtual environment that you and your employees can access online.

It’s time for your Colorado business to go virtual and take advantage of information technology like never before.

CCS Are Your Experts With VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V.  Looking For Server Virtualization Experts?  Call CCS.

Colorado Computer Support can help your business leverage virtualized solutions for any IT platform you need, including server virtualization and Microsoft Hyper-V installations. Call us at (719) 355-2440 to find out how.

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What Virtualization Is, and Why It’s Worth It

You probably use a lot of servers and PCs to do work every day in your office. They eat up a lot of power, maintenance time, and money. CCS can virtualize these systems for you: taking all the functions that these systems perform and making them run in a program based on ONE machine. Virtualization replaces the big and clunky hardware you use to run faster, more efficiently, and with fewer costs, as well as a whole host of other benefits for your business:

  • Easy and safe access for your virtual systems from outside the office via the Internet, so you can work anytime, anywhere.
  • A minimum of complex hardware for you to worry about, so you use less power and don’t waste time managing and using your infrastructure.
  • Customized and focused virtual environments on the applications and storage space that YOU need, and nothing more. There are a variety of potential systems that can be virtualized, including:
    • Desktops – Full desktop environments with all the applications you need to do work every day.
    • Applications – Such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, QuickBooks, and more.
    • Servers – Including Oracle, SQL Server, and others.
    • Storage – Helping you avoid large storage servers in-office.
    • Networks – Eliminating complex switches and firewalls stored in your physical location, improving their performance.
  • Policy-based automation on many routine tasks, carried out every day by a smart system that helps you stay compliant with regulations[,] and frees up your staff to focus on more important work.
  • Built-in disaster preparedness with automated backups and easy remote access of not only your files, but everything inside your virtual system.
  • Improved security with automated updates.

Colorado Computer Support: Your collaborative partner in strategic information technology for Colorado businesses. Contact us today at (719) 355-2440 or to discuss how CCS can help YOUR business leverage IT for success.

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