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Choosing Hourly IT or A Monthly Subscription

Are you trying to decide whether to choose hourly IT services or a monthly subscription? Here at CCS, we function more on the subscription basis than on hourly and there’s a good reason for that.

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Hourly work is usually done based upon “Reactive” support. Reactive support is where the IT service provider only comes out when you have a problem. They fix whatever is wrong, send you a bill and then you don’t see them again until something else breaks.

This service model is also frequently called the “break/fix” service model. The reason why we believe this is not the best approach for your business is that you miss out on so many great services that could help your business succeed. There may be software that could better serve your employees. Your workforce may be wasting too much time with outdated hardware.

When you have a proactive IT support provider like Colorado Computer Support, we’ll make sure your equipment gets the proper maintenance. This almost always ensures that your IT equipment will last longer and perform better. If there are products and services we feel could better serve your business, we’ll let you know.

What Is Strategic Planning?

As your company expands and technology evolves, your IT department must stay on top of emerging technologies and best practices. CCS advisory services can help you develop an IT plan that will grow as your business does. Technology has changed the way businesses operate. From mobile solutions to cloud computing, unless you have strategic support from a technology partner who practices IT business alignment, you won’t get 100% performance out of your technology.

What About Predictable Budgeting?

With hourly IT services, you might get a bill for thousands of dollars to fix an old server that should have been replaced years ago. That’s what often happens when companies choose hourly IT services. With a business to run, you don’t need to worry about surprise invoices. The managed service model gives you a fixed monthly rate that you can predictably budget for. These expenses can be assigned as utility expenses or operating expenses instead of CapEx. This can be a benefit when tax time comes around.

How Does Proactive IT Work?

Instead of calling a break/fix IT company when something goes wrong, you have a full team of IT specialists working for you around the clock. This benefits your business because your technology will receive regular proactive maintenance and monitoring. Managed services work best when the provider keeps all your networking and computer equipment functioning optimally all the time. And this is definitely the best solution for your business.

Servers, routers, and computers need regular maintenance, just like your car. If you wait till something breaks, then you’re basically shortening the life of your equipment. And this type of equipment is often pretty expensive. In the long run, you will save money and experience fewer technology headaches.

Do You Have An IT Partner?

As your strategic IT Partner, we view technology as a tool to help you reach your end goals. We know that unless you have the right tools in your “toolbox,” your staff is wasting time and you’re wasting money. We’ll make sure your technology and business strategies are complimentary and support each other.

An effective IT plan considers people, staffing, partnerships, organizational changes, and the governance required to achieve your business outcomes. With reliable services, managed IT support, backup and recovery, and network security you will finally have the foundation you need to meet your goals.

When you have a strategic IT partner, you can stop worrying about whether your technology is going to work right each day and go back to focusing on your business operations.

There are other advantages to consider as well, including:

  • Analyze any inefficiency in your existing IT infrastructure and consolidate resources and operations to promote financial savings.
  • Gain an understanding of both your business and your technology infrastructure.
  • Replace outmoded processes so you can pursue market opportunities and overcome business challenges.
  • IT budgeting and cost control strategies to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Develop a plan that aligns with your budget.
  • Effectively incorporate technology into your operational processes and ensure best security practices at all times.
  • Continually identify and evaluate the impacts of technology decisions.
  • Provide procurement assistance to ensure you get the best prices on hardware and software.

As your Strategic Technology Partner, we can help you choose the right tools to ensure reliability, efficiency, productivity, security, and support to help improve your business outcomes. We’ll customize a Managed IT Service Plan for you that will include a mix and match of solutions that align with your goals.

Do You Have The Best Cybersecurity?

A great IT service provider will perform regular risk assessments, data protection, and security awareness training. In addition, we consider any third-party security practices to ensure maximum security and protection. With 24 x 7 diagnostic monitoring of your network, we will identify risks, quantify attacks, and block them. This is especially important if you must comply with government or industry regulations.

You can see all the reasons why companies often choose managed IT services instead of hourly IT. It’s better for your business and for ours. In the long run, the costs may be lower as well.

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