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Netflix Phishing Threat — The Legit-Looking Scam Could Steal Your Confidential Information

Key Points:

  • Scammers are posing as Netflix and send people emails and text messages asking for confidential information.
  • While scams targeting users of popular services like Netflix are rare, the new phishing attempts are concerning.
  • Many businesses think that Netflix accounts have nothing to do with their business.
  • However, clicking a link from scammers with a device you use for work poses the risk of downloading software that can steal confidential information or watch your activity and use it against your company.
  • You and your employees need to know what to look out for and how to respond to phishing attempts.

Scammers are posing as Netflix and sending people emails and text messages asking for account email, phone number, password, or the mode of payment. You have the formidable task of knowing how to defend your business’ inbox and keep the organization’s sensitive information safe.

The phishing messages are luring. If you’re a busy person and not paying enough attention, you might readily click the malicious link. However, a couple of red flags will jump out very quickly as soon as you look at the message that should make you hesitate to click the link.

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How to Identify and Handle Suspicious Netflix Phishing Scam

The first thing you’ll note on a phishing message is the link the attacker is directing you to. Scammers are excellent at spoofing domain names and will create a link nearly similar to what Netflix uses.

However, a closer look at the link will disclose an unusual address. Pay attention to the top of the email and check where the email is coming from. Most of the time, it won’t look like anything that is Netflix-related.

To stay safe from scammers, look out for other factors such as:

  • The message asking you to click on a link to update your account information — Netflix never sends a link to click on to update account information
  • The hacker tricking you into replying with personal information — Netflix never asks for your personal information via email or text
  • Suppose the text or email offers you a free trial or discount on your subscription — Netflix does not offer discounts and free trials in exchange for your information.

When you receive a suspicious email or text, your best shot is to delete it without responding. If you think your Netflix account is compromised, change the password to keep your account safe and enjoy your favorite shows without worry.

Why You Need to Be Cautious of Netflix Scam Even Though it Isn’t Business-Related

Even though Netflix isn’t related to your work life, if you click the link from a scammer’s email on a device you use to work with, you risk getting attacked. Even if it’s your phone and have the following:

  • Teams’ account
  • Email
  • Contacts, messages, phone calls
  • Anything you log into all the time for your work

You risk landing the information in the hands of the wrong software. A cybercriminal can watch your activity and steal information to know what’s going on, then use the information to attack you in the future.

You need to pay attention to text messages because they’re the next medium to phishing. The attacker might know you’re busy with life, might not be paying attention, and might click that link when distracted or curious.

Colorado Computer Support Has the Expertise to Protect Your Business From Phishing

Phishing emails are drastically on the rise. The best way to protect yourself from phishing scams is to keep familiarizing your employees with tactics cybercriminals use to lure them into sharing confidential information.

Colorado Computer Support experts can help train your employees to protect themselves from perpetrators seeking password information to commit fraud or execute corporate espionage. Contact us today to help protect your business from common phishing scams.

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