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You’ve just got a text, and it looks legal, so you wish to click on the link, right? But it could be a trap to gather your personal information and data. Most of the time, people receive text messages from unknown numbers, and it is possibly a sign that someone is trying to steal your confidential data. Your data might be your bank account number, email, password, social security number, and much more. These fake messages are known as text message phishing or, in short, smishing. At Colorado Computer Support, we believe in offering AI-based protection from text message phishing to our clients. Thus, helping them to build a strong brand name without compromising on business email.

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Risks Associated With Text Message Phishing Or Smishing

When you get a text message from an unknown source claiming to offer you extra special offers, it’s highly likely that it is fraud and can steal your money, information, and more. Opening those texts and clicking on the links mentioned will directly lead to serious security risk issues. Here are a few after-effects that accompany the fraud text messages.

  • Sometimes the phishing attack will lead to loss of personal information like data files more. Once you’ve been affected by the attack, your computer will deny access to your files.
  • Sensitive and confidential data is compromised
  • Once the attacker has gained access to your phone, they will check the personal information of your family and friends. Thus, putting their information at stake and inviting unwanted threats.
  • Phishing can directly lead to unwanted access to your financial account. Attackers can make purchases and at the same time secure loans on your behalf.

Overall, text message phishing is quite hazardous, especially for business owners. They must take adequate steps to maintain high-security standards in their company. For more information, you can seek our assistance at Colorado Computer Support IT Services. We are always on the mission to empower our clients with the right knowledge, tools, and resources to manage risk factors.

We Offer Real-Time Text Message Phishing Protection

With the increasing risk of phishing attacks, it is quite important for businesses and organizations to protect their business and employees from text message phishing. One of the best ways to protect yourself from such attacks is by empowering your employees with the right knowledge and intelligence. Have a look at how the team of Colorado Computer Support can help you!!

  • Offer strategic information technology that helps your business and its needs
  • Our IT support solutions always fit the needs and preferences of our clients
  • To have our assistance, you just need to scroll & find the best flat-rate monthly service plan
  • Complete and advanced security measures that help our clients from unexpected disasters and phishing

Get In Touch Today To Help Your Business Grow Without Any Hassle

CCS is a team that is known to offer the best IT solutions to businesses in Colorado and nearby areas. By thoroughly detecting the various activities in text and email, our advanced tools will help you to avoid the mess that comes with phishing. For any business to grow in the competitive market, it’s quite important to maintain security from spear-phishing attacks. And this is where we help our clients to automatically predict which employee is prone to attacks. If you’re looking to help your business grow without any hassle or inconvenience of phishing threats, feel free to contact our team by filling out the form mentioned on our website or just by giving a buzz to our team. Get in touch today & make your business and business assets free from attacks.

Thanks to James and Jon with 4BIS.COM in Cincinnati for their help with this information. Click here and learn more about their IT firm in Ohio.

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