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Published On: July 11, 2019 by Blake Schwank


This is a good question and one that we’re often asked. We have roughly 35 employees.

Most business people we serve think this is a good number. They know that no matter when they need IT service and support, that someone from Colorado Computer Support will always be ready to help.

However some ask…

Doesn’t Such A Large Staff Cause Confusion?

This is another good question and one that we’ve dealt with by taking 3 Steps:

1. All of our teams are sectioned into pods. This way, you’ll always have the same techs visit your office. You’ll see the same familiar faces all the time. And, you’ll always have more than one person who knows your IT network and how your business operates.

2. We established an effective ticketing system. We always know who helped you last, what they did, and how long they spent working on your IT network. This information stays in our system so we can refer to what happened in the past. We can track the history of your IT service and support as far back as four years ago.

3. We document everything about your IT network. This includes things like your access points, firewall, and the computers you use. This way if issues come up, anyone on our staff can jump in and handle the problem right away.

With these three steps in place and our 35 IT professionals, you’ll always have the right help and the information needed to address your technology issues quickly and thoroughly.

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