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Not Muted and No Audio: What to Do When Your Zoom Audio Isn’t Working

As more and more people turn to platforms like Zoom, many will eventually encounter problems that need to be fixed. If you’ve ever joined a Zoom meeting and immediately went into panic mode because you couldn’t hear anyone in the meeting, or you were talking and nobody could hear you – we know where you’re coming from. If your audio ever experiences problems while using Zoom, there is a fix for your problem. We can help you learn how to troubleshoot when this situation happens again.

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Troubleshoot Microphone

When your Zoom audio is not working on Windows, then your microphone may need to troubleshoot your microphone. Start by testing your microphone to determine if it works. If your microphone doesn’t work, then that is probably the reason why your audio does not work.

To test your microphone and speakers, click on the up arrow next to Join Audio and select Test Speaker & Microphone. In the Microphone section, you will see a bar labeled Input Level that shows you if your computer is picking up audio from the microphone. The bar will turn green if your computer is picking up audio.

When testing your microphone, say something( i.e. “Testing” or “Check”) and then pause. If you hear your voice played back, then this means that your microphone is working. If you do not hear your voice played back, click No, Try Another Microphone and Zoom will go through the other options to find a microphone that works.

Once you have successfully completed the steps and a working microphone is found, Zoom will let you know that your device is working properly and that you’re all set.

Troubleshoot Speaker

You can troubleshoot your speaker if you have no sound when using Zoom. To troubleshoot your speaker, click the arrow next to Join Audio, and select Test Speaker & Microphone. In the Speaker section, click Test Speaker to play a test ringtone and see if your speaker is connected to Zoom. If you are unable to hear the ringtone, then you will need to select another speaker or adjust the volume on your computer.

When you do not hear a ringtone, you must click No, Try Another Speaker and Zoom will proceed through your options until you can hear the selected ringtone.

Adjust Audio Settings

If you have completed the troubleshooting steps for your speaker and microphone and you still need to adjust some audio settings, you can click on the arrow in the bottom left corner again and choose Audio Settings. You will see a pop-up window that enables you to change your selected speaker and microphone and test them more than once, adjust the speaker volume, and adjust your microphone.

It is always a good idea to test your audio devices before joining or hosting a Zoom meeting. In the Audio Settings menu in Zoom, you can choose the speakers or microphone that you want to test. You can also adjust the volume on your devices.

Zoom will continue to be a part of our lives, even as in-person meetings are happening again. When your Zoom meetings are constantly being disrupted by audio problems, it can cause issues in your work life or personal life. We hope that the above solutions will help you resolve your Zoom audio connectivity issues. We hope that these tips help you get back to having effective virtual meetings or personal conversations with your coworkers, friends, and family.

If you have any other Zoom problems or anything else that you’d love to talk about to see if we could help you out as an IT partner, feel free to reach out to us at (719) 439-0599 or find us on the web at

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