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IT Support for HealthcareTechnology has become an integrated part of modern patient care where most of the hospitals are now equipped with sophisticated IT technology. Such initiative to adopt technology in medical health care was prominent since this industry was facing a number of problems for a long time. With advanced and sophisticated IT technology, the hospitals can now ensure prompt and efficient patient care and also protect patient data, optimize patient flow and improve communications. According to a recent survey by Hospitals & Health Networks, the majority of hospitals are now using intrusion detection systems for protection of patient data, social media and automated patient flow systems. This is indeed a significant development in this industry.

The survey also revealed that 90 percent of most wired hospitals use performance improvement scorecards to eliminate inefficiency in their operation.  In addition to that, they are also utilizing actionable analytics and connectivity to manage their own capacity, reduce cost and coordinate across a broad spectrum of health professionals and entities in a strategic approach. All of this has been made possible with the help of IT technology. Hospitals that managed to achieve such advancements have been regarded as the best wired hospitals in 2012 by the Hospitals & Health Networks survey.

This particular survey included 1,570 hospitals which was co-facilitated by McKesson, the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives and the American Hospital Association. Amid their survey results, a number of states were found with majority of the wired hospital which are Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio. Since it will be impossible to specify all of them in this short article, we can mention only about Rady Children’s Hospital–San Diego, Rush University Medical Centre, Boston Children’s Hospital, John D. Dingell VA Medical Centre, University of Missouri Health Care and Massena Memorial Hospital at the moment. However, the list is really long and if you want to find out the most wired hospitals in your own state we would recommend you to Google for that.

Such sorts of findings are always a delight since they not only indicate improvement in the health management system but also improved services and safety for the patients as well.

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