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Who is that Computer Tech?

Businesses often prepare and invest in measures that protect their investments from online threats but forget local ones. Most local frauds come in the least expected forms, including the people you let into your office to fix your computers. When you rely on an outside party to perform computer repairs, ensure they’re vetted and from a reputable source.

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What’s the Importance of Vetting Technicians?

As earlier mentioned, local threats can be a significant concern to a business. What’s the importance of vetting technicians?

You Protect Your Assets

You’ve worked hard to accumulate your business and personal wealth. You need to make sure it’s always protected by preventing any potential risk or threat. You might end up losing valuables by letting in someone who’s not what they say they are.

You Protect Your Identity

Letting an un-vetted technician into your business can result in a data breach, which can cost you money and a reputation.

You Protect Your Employees

Protecting all your employees is part of your most critical obligation. You never know what could happen when you let a stranger into the office, especially someone who’s got sinister motives.

You Stay in Control

When you let in an un-vetted technician into your office, you may end up having to deal with the effects of their inadequacies. Vetting those accessing your company information ensures you’re in control of all processes, including the type and amount of information you want to share.

You Have More Peace of Mind

Immediate consequences for letting in a non-vetted technician should be obvious. With the threat of losing your assets to theft, having your identity compromised or breached, and being vulnerable to psychological attacks from an intruder, who knows what else could go wrong when you let in a non-vetted technician?

How Do You Vet Techs?

Is that tech who they say they are? How do you know? Here are tips:

Check Whether They Have a Company Badge

A company badge is often the first step to identifying a vetted technician. The company you’re looking to hire should be able to provide proper identification, whether it’s an id badge or any other type of photo I.D. If not supplied with one, then the chances are that they’re either not part of the company or are trying to keep their identity concealed.

You can go a step further to check whether the photo on the company badge looks the same as the one on any other identification type, such as the driver’s license. Note that checking the company badge should only be the initial step. A person can forge the badge or be fired but still retain the company property.

Check Whether They’re in the Company Database

You must check whether the person you’re letting into your company is actually in the said company database. When they’re not, it means that they’re not part of that company. It would be an easy task for anyone to walk in and claim that they work for a company when in fact, they don’t.

How do you do this? A simple phone call to the company and providing the technician’s name and I.D. number should do the trick. Ask them to provide you with details that only employees know, such as employee numbers or other internal information.

Check Whether They’re Licensed and Insured

One of the most critical aspects of vetting is checking whether they’re licensed and insured. These two credentials are the easiest to fake, so it’s best to check with the company. Legitimate companies will offer proof of licensing and insurance that all their technicians provide on-site. You can call the company to verify the given information.

Check their Social Media Profiles

Does their social media profile look like it belongs to them? This is, after all, the age of social networking. You can easily find their profiles with a few clicks on your smartphone or computer. If that profile looks too personal and doesn’t display any company logos or links, then chances are they’re not who they say they are.

Characteristics of a Fraud Include

There are ways to tell that a technician is a fraud no matter how well-dressed or eloquent their speech. Most frauds will:

  • Want you to let them in hurriedly
  • Not want to follow the due vetting process
  • Have weak or no credentials
  • Typically, dress in clothing that’s not appropriate for the industry they represent
  • Not know anything about your company
  • Hesitate when producing verification documents
  • Conceal their IDs
  • Let in unauthorized people when they’re there alone
  • Be in a hurry to leave your premises after the work is complete
  • Have no access to any material or tools needed for the task at hand
  • Doesn’t have anything to show you of their work
  • They don’t want supervision
  • They don’t want to sign or complete any forms before starting the task

These points are not exhaustive but should provide you with a good idea of identifying whether or not you’re hiring vetted technicians. To avoid the headache, always work with reputable companies that communicate with you throughout the process. Such a company will not send a technician without informing you. They’re also let you know the identification details to look for and are responsive when you call to check upon them.

Additionally, a reputable company will ensure all its employees have job cards that contain all the necessary details. You’ll not only know the name and photo of the technician but will be able to check their license and insurance, so you can always be sure that your work is in good hands.

You can also ask if they will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). An NDA is a legal contract between two or more parties that spell out the terms of engagement and signifies that both agree to those terms. A fraudster will never sign an NDA since they’re well aware that their activities are illegal. They’ll fear the implications if caught and will most likely not risk all that. They’ll probably walk away.

A reputable and experienced company will know how to vet technicians without wasting time or money. They’ll take all the necessary steps required for vetting and summarize them into a list of requirements to present to you.

This is the service you get at Colorado Computer Support. We take time to vet our technicians so that your company is protected. We’re not only computer experts; we also strive to protect you against any fraudulent activity.

Do you need professional tech support to keep your business afloat without purging your purse? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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