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Tropical Storm Nicole Slams Daytona Beach & The East Coast Of Florida

Key Insights:

  • A combination of hurricanes and tropical storms spells disaster
  • There is a parallel between catastrophic events and hackers
  • This checklist is your starting point and collection of policies
  • Planning for data loss and theft is the foundation for this plan

Picking up the pieces after a hurricane is one thing. Add tropical storm, Nicole, on the same path a month and a half later, with maximum sustained winds of 75 miles per hour, at 3 a.m., destruction beyond belief.

Of course, living and working in a danger zone, one must adapt quickly or suffer another setback. In today’s ‘Cyber Saturday’ video, Blake Schwank, Chief Executive Officer with Colorado Computer Support, discusses having specific plans to minimize your risks.

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It Begins With A Catastrophic Plan!

An ancient business text still applies and states today, “The plans of the diligent certainly lead to profit, but anyone reckless only becomes poor.” Those who live in danger zones know what’s coming and execute the steps to recover quickly well in advance.

Like clockwork, tropical storms and hurricanes follow the path of least resistance, just like hackers do. The turbulent weather relies on area conditions to build its strength, bringing about the most damage, as do cybercriminals.

The only difference, destructive weather events cannot be controlled or directed away. All you can do is prepare for the aftermath and escape to safety. But with your IT system, you can set up a catastrophic plan, knowing that a cyberattack is imminent, where you control the outcome.

Creating Your Catastrophic Checklist

When creating your catastrophic plan, it is always best, to begin with, a brief and expandable checklist. That information allows you to follow along with your current progress and update it. Here are the areas you will begin with and expand upon:

  • Plan Defined
  • Audience & Scope
  • Information Security Objectives
  • Authority & Access Control
  • Data Classification
  • Data Support & Operations
  • Security Awareness & Behavior
  • Personnel Rights, duties, & Responsibilities

When constructing your plan, the eight areas listed are your starting point. Remember, this IT safety plan is your collection of policies. An organization develops these detailed plans to guarantee its networks and also individuals fulfill the minimal defense safety standards.

Your Objective: Plan For Data Loss and Theft

Every business has to plan for the unexpected, including the loss or theft of data from your organization. Without doing so, that loss or theft can easily expose you to costly state and federal regulations and significant litigation covering data protection and privacy.

That is why it is critical to understand how data or security breach regulations affect your company and how prepared you are to respond to them. Make it easy for your team to launch a rapid and coordinated response. That is the foundation of your data breach response plan.

At the very least, your employees and contractors must understand they are required to immediately report any loss or theft of information to your company officer. And because data privacy and breach laws can be extensive and strict, you must account for any loss.

Catastrophic Planning From Colorado Computer Support

The recent storms in Florida have highlighted the importance of preparing for catastrophic events. Businesses must take steps to ensure that they can weather any storm. Having a plan in place can help minimize any natural or criminal impact on your operations.

Furthermore, it is essential to test business continuity plans to ensure they are effective regularly. The best part is that Colorado Computer Support is here to help you build and execute your plans. Contact us today or call (719) 310-3035 and schedule a meeting.

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