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Trading Battlefields for Boardrooms: A Veteran’s Transition from Military Service to Civilian Life

At the intersection of bravery and innovation lies a remarkable narrative. This narrative revolves around Colorado Computer Support (CCS), a pioneering technology firm that has redefined the integration of US military veterans into the IT sector. Guiding this inspiring initiative is CCS’s CEO, Blake Schwank, a veteran himself, who understands the untapped potential these veterans bring to the technology industry.

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Transitioning from Military Life to Civilian Success

The journey from being a service member to a civilian is not just a change in job roles. It’s a monumental lifestyle shift. The transition, marked by uncertainty and a new-found need for self-direction, can often be challenging. However, these veterans are equipped with unique skills — discipline, adaptability, resilience, leadership, and an unparalleled work ethic — exceptionally valuable in the ever-evolving IT industry. Recognizing this, CCS has focused on these veterans, helping them turn their military skills into civilian success stories.

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CCS: The Torchbearer for Veterans

In the vast transition maze, CCS is a guiding light for veterans. The firm sees the value these individuals can bring to the IT industry and has made it its mission to hire and train many former service members.

Under Blake Schwank’s direction, CCS has successfully established a comprehensive program that aids veterans in transitioning smoothly from their military careers into the dynamic world of IT. This includes training, mentorship, and job placement services designed specifically for veterans.

Blake Schwank: Leading by Experience

Having lived through the transition, Schwank knows firsthand the struggles veterans face when entering the civilian world. He understands the worth of their skills, the strength of their determination, and the richness of their dedication.

Schwank’s recent appearance on the Veterans Voice podcast in Colorado Springs highlighted his journey and vision for CCS as a platform that uplifts veterans. He emphasized the importance of investing in veterans, describing it as tapping into a wealth of talent, loyalty, and dedication. His message resonated strongly with the audience, many of whom are veterans seeking guidance and support.

CCS’s Future: Empowering Veterans

As CCS continues to grow, its commitment to hiring and empowering veterans remains steadfast. They are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of these individuals and setting a powerful precedent for the broader IT industry.

Their strategy is dual-pronged: firstly, to simplify the transition process for veterans by providing them with the necessary resources and support, and secondly, to enlighten the IT industry about the unique potential of these veterans. Through these efforts, CCS is reshaping the narrative of the IT sector.

The Colorado Computer Support YouTube Channel

CCS’s commitment to supporting veterans extends to its YouTube channel. The channel is a resource hub for veterans transitioning into IT, providing testimonies, tutorials, and motivational content. It stands as a testament to CCS’s unwavering dedication to empowering veterans in the IT sector.

The New Chapter for Veterans at CCS

With each veteran transitioning into the civilian workforce through CCS, the narrative of veterans in the IT industry evolves. These stories of transformation highlight these individuals’ resilience and the IT sector’s transformative potential.

Wrapping Up

The Colorado Computer Support narrative is more than just a tale of a technology firm in the heart of America. It’s a testament to the commitment to veterans, an acknowledgment of their potential, and a pledge to change their narrative in the workforce.

As veterans continue their journey into the civilian world, CCS stands ready to support them, providing the necessary opportunities for them to thrive. This is a story that merits sharing, celebrating, and emulating. As Schwank rightly says, “Your mission might have ended, but your value has not.”

To the veterans out there seeking a new mission, Colorado Computer Support welcomes you. As a company, we understand your worth and are ready to invest in your future, leveraging your unique skills in the dynamic IT industry.

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