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These Simple Tricks Should Help You Undo Caps Lock in a Breeze

Mistakenly typing a few sentences in caps lock can give a perfectionist some seizures. You’d get the same feeling if you just discovered your keyboard is stuck in caps lock, and nothing you do seems to disable it. And letting things slide isn’t an option because of the implications of typing in caps.

A text in caps implies the following:

  • Shouting – could be quite alarming in an email or instant messaging text
  • Carelessness – you saw the mistake but didn’t care to change before submitting the text
  • Indifference – you don’t care about your image and the feelings of others

Thankfully, there is always something you can to revert all to the caps to lower case in an instant. Here are three easy ways to undo caps lock:

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Using Fn + Shift + F3

If you’re the experienced type and have been typing perfectly for the past many years, you may have grown to hit the keys away without as much as a glance on the screen. It also happens when you are multi-tasking, such that you rarely have a look at what you are typing. You only realize a few paragraphs — or even pages – later that everything is screaming back at you in caps lock.

Don’t throw the machine out the window in frustration because you won’t have to start all over again. Highlight the entire text in caps lock, hold down the Fn and Shift keys together, then press F3. The entire text will change into lower case magically.

But you will realize you have solves one problem by creating another since all the text will be in lower case, yet you need it in sentence case. You need to repeat the process: hold down the Fn and Shift keys, and press F3 the second time. The text will turn to sentence case. Repeating the process for the third time will revert your text to caps.

However, you will need to note that the key combinations for changing caps to lower case may have a slight variation depending on your computer model or brand. For most Windows-based laptops, you won’t need the Fn key.

Accessing Change Case

If you get done with a document and are met with upper text glaring back at you and the Shift + F3 (or Fn + Shift + F3) doesn’t seem to work for whatever reason, you could choose to go the old-school way. From the Home button on the menu bar in your Word processor, find the Change Case button.

The Change Case button is bundled together with other common Word processing functions, such as font type, font size, bold, italics, and underline, among others. Before using the Change Case feature, be sure you have highlighted the text in caps.

Clicking on the Change Case button (marked by “Aa”) will release a drop-down menu with options for changing your text to the appropriate case. Choose Sentence case, or lower case, from the menu depending on your particular situation.

Pressing the caps lock key

This should have been the very first instinct – disable the caps lock key by pressing it again. You could have pressed it inadvertently while typing due to its location near the A button, a commonly used letter in the alphabet.

For most keyboards, you should see a small steady light shining from the caps lock button to indicate it’s active. The light should go off when you press it, and the lower case should return. But the button could be stuck, in which case you may need to replace the keyboard or have it fixed.

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