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Microsoft Outlook Has You Covered If You Accidentally Hit Send

Maybe you hit send without editing. Maybe you were only partway through a long draft. Maybe you needed someone else to review it before you sent it.

No matter what the reason may be, we’ve all accidentally sent an email before we intended to.

Do you know what to do when that happens?

Check out our latest Tuesday Tech Tip video to learn how to use the Recall feature in Microsoft Outlook:

YouTube video
While this video focuses on Microsoft Outlook, CLICK HERE to learn how to use the same feature in Gmail.

How To Use Microsoft Outlook’s Recall Feature

  1. Go to your “Sent” folder
  2. Double-click the email you want to recall
  3. Click “More Actions” in the top right-hand corner
  4. Select the option “Recall the message”
  5. Choose whether to recall the message, or recall and rewrite the message

Please note that, when you recall a message, the recipient will be notified of a recalled email and will be able to view the original subject line.

The Limits Of Microsoft Outlook’s Recall Feature

As convenient as the feature is, there are some ways in which it is limited:

  • If the recipient opens the email, you cannot recall it
  • If the email is automatically filtered into a folder other than the recipient’s inbox, you cannot recall it
  • If you send the email to someone on a platform other than Microsoft Outlook, you cannot recall it
  • If you send to or from a mobile app, you cannot recall it

This is yet another example of a simple feature included in a program you use every day that you might not have been aware of. By taking a few minutes to learn about it, you’ve become a more effective and efficient user.

You don’t have to figure out Microsoft Outlook alone. Call us at (719) 204-6516 or click here to contact us today!

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