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Tame the Wild World of QR Codes: Learn How to Save and Manage QR Codes on Your iPhone with Colorado Computer Support

Introduction: Greetings, tech-savvy friends and Colorado Computer Support blog readers! Are you looking to keep those handy QR codes within easy reach on your iPhone? You’re in the right place! QR codes have become increasingly popular for accessing websites, menus, and digital content. Today, we will guide you through saving and managing your iPhone’s QR codes, making life easier. To complement this blog post, we’ve also found a fantastic video tutorial you can watch here. Let’s get started!

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Your Guide to Saving and Organizing QR Codes on Your iPhone

The Simple Approach: Capture a Screenshot

The easiest method for saving a QR code is taking a screenshot. Here’s a step-by-step guide: a. Display the QR code on your screen b. Press the side button and volume up button simultaneously (for iPhone X and later) or the home button and side button (for iPhone 8 and earlier) c. Voila! Your QR code screenshot is saved to your Photos app.

Harness the Power of Third-Party Apps for Scanning and Saving

  1. If you’re looking for a more advanced solution, consider using third-party apps designed specifically for scanning, saving, and organizing QR codes. Some top contenders include a. QR Code Reader & QR Scanner b. QRbot c. QR Reader for iPhone
  2. Download the app of your choice, follow the in-app instructions to scan and save QR codes, and you’ll be all set!

Pro Tip: Keep Your QR Codes Tidy and Accessible

Create a dedicated album within the Photos app to prevent a jumble of screenshots and scanned QR codes. This way, you’ll have all your saved QR codes in one organized, easily accessible location.

Frequently Asked Questions on Saving QR Codes for Later on Your iPhone

  • How can I share a saved QR code with someone else? Sharing a QR code is a breeze! Locate the saved QR code in your Photos app or third-party app, tap the share button, and choose your preferred method (iMessage, email, etc.) to send it on its way.
  • Are there any privacy concerns when using third-party apps for saving QR codes? Although most reputable apps prioritize user privacy, it’s always wise to read its privacy policy before downloading. Review how they handle user data and ensure you’re comfortable with their practices.
  • How can I save a printed QR code on my iPhone for later use? Use your iPhone’s camera to snap a clear photo of the printed QR code. Save it in a dedicated album in your Photos app, or use a third-party app to scan and save it digitally.


There you have it – a comprehensive guide on saving and managing QR codes on your iPhone, brought to you by Colorado Computer Support. With these tips and the accompanying video tutorial here, you’ll be mastering the art of QR code management in no time. So explore the world of QR codes, knowing you’re fully equipped to easily scan, save, and share!

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