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Published On: July 22, 2019 by Blake Schwank

Your Smart TV May Be a Security Risk

Is your smart TV causing you some serious risks? Many offices now have a smart television available for clients or staff member as a matter of convenience, but this device is essentially a low-end computer that connects to your corporate network. That means your device may be providing hackers with an easy entry point that is perhaps not as secure as other devices — but still offers the same level of access that the cybercriminal could get through a more traditional means. Here are some tips for keeping your smart TV secure.

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Regular Updates are Crucial for Security

You hear a lot about the importance of updates to your computer software and hardware because these patches can help smooth over any potential glitches or security risks that have been found in the marketplace. Unfortunately, televisions and other digital devices may not be receiving the same level of updates and support that your computers and telephone networks receive. These devices are a bit more difficult to update than computers and servers, potentially pushing them down the priority list some more.

Benefits of Using Different Passwords for Your Accounts

Sure, hacking into your Netflix account through your smart TV may not seem like a big deal, but what about the fact that you’re using the same password for Netflix as you are for several other accounts? This can open your accounts to even deeper infiltration by individuals who are committed to wreaking havoc in your world. Once someone has that password, they could potentially skip over into your other networked accounts and even leverage the information that they’ve gained to steal sensitive information from your business network.

Keeping Your Smart TV Safe

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to keep your smart TV from becoming the weakest link in your network security structure. Be sure you’re always using a unique password for your accounts to reduce the possibility of cross-contamination if you’re hacked. Also, put your smart devices on a separate WiFi network because they simply aren’t getting the level of updates that your computers are receiving. This helps segment your smart TV and other devices and keep your business safe.

Don’t let poor decisions about your smart TV cause your office big headaches. With a few simple steps, you can be sure that your connected devices stay separate from your business network — protecting your network while still offering your employees or visitors the enjoyment of interactive television. Want to learn more about security risks in everyday items that you might be overlooking? Contact the professionals at Colorado Computer Support today at 719-204-8113 or chat online with one of our friendly representatives to get started.

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