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Does Cybersecurity Slow Down Businesses?

Key Points From The Article:

  • According to recent polls, many business owners believe that most cybersecurity measures slow down their operations.
  • Some businesses sacrifice their security for speed.
  • While some cyber solutions can initially slow business operations, the possible impacts and the risk of your business suffering a cyberattack is incomparable.
  • It’s vital to strike the right balance between speed and implementing cybersecurity technology.

Many business owners believe that most cybersecurity measures slow down their operations. Businesses claim that their operation team pushes back when asked to deploy security technology because they slow down the business.

To an extent, that’s true.

The more loks you have in place, — for instance the more locks you have in your home’s front door, the more time it may take to get in. However, that doesn’t mean your business should sacrifice cybersecurity for speed.

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The Real-World Data on How Cybersecurity Impact Business’ Workflow

According to a recent poll by Ciscos, most business owners feel that cybersecurity measures slow down their businesses. 70% of the 1000 bosses surveyed found the extra steps required to keep their IT network and data safe frustrating.

While many employers understand the need for cybersecurity, they also find it to be a major inconvenience, especially for co-workers who aren’t used to the added security measures.

As a result, many businesses are struggling to keep up with the changing landscape of the workforce. Many workers aren’t willing to put in the work to adapt to the new security measures and will instead move to an industry that feels more comfortable.

Business owners remain with one big challenge: to keep their business safe without losing their best workers.

Some Businesses Sacrifice Security for Speed

Another survey by Threat Stack found that over 50% of organizations cut back on cybersecurity measures for speed. 52% of businesses admitted to sacrificing security to meet business deadlines and objectives.

The pressure usually comes from the operation team, which pushes back on security best practices to avoid slowing business operations.

A big reason why many business owners think cybersecurity is slowing their business is that cybersecurity is changing how organizations operate, and many employees don’t want to put in the work to adapt. Instead, they move to different industries.

However, your business should be aware of current security issues that appear in the news. You should understand the real-life consequence of sacrificing your IT security, such as:

  • Risking your company’s reputation in case you become a victim of a data breach
  • Loss of customer confidence in case hackers get their hands on customers’ private data
  • Additional high costs associated with cybercrime

If your business takes a short-sighted approach to the rapidly changing cybersecurity measures, you’ll end up with a weak cyber defense.

How Can You Make Cybersecurity Measures Have Less Impact on Operational Speed

While adopting cybersecurity measures can slow your business down for the short term, you can’t compare it with a security breach or cyberattack. The level of damage an attack can cause the closure of your business, which leaves you with one option: You need to create the right balance between adopting the right measures and not compromising operational speed. One of such solutions includes:

Using a Fob

A fob is a hardware device with built-in authentication that you can use to control and secure access to computers, mobile devices, networks, and systems in your business.

Instead of using a phone for multifactor authentication, you can use a duo fob that eliminates the need of using the phone instead. Unlike a typical password-only system, a fob will allow you to deploy multifactor authentication without following a long procedure.

If You Feel Your Cybersecurity Measures Slow Down Your Business, Call Colorado Computer Support for Help

If your cybersecurity measures are slowing your business operation, your best shot is to improve operational speed without sacrificing your security. You need a smarter approach.

At Colorado Computer Support, we can help you solve the problem of slow business operations that stems from adopting cybersecurity measures. We’ll offer you the right technology and advise you on the best approach. Contact us today to help you leverage technology for your business success.

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