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More and more phones are being used in the office and for everyday business. With the increase of smartphones comes the increase of mobile-optimized technology. You will find most emails, websites, software and online content are being published with phone-friendly formatting. While we appreciate the content is now created for device screen sizes, the screens themselves can sometimes make things difficult by rotating at the wrong time.

What about when you want to look at content closer and your phone sometimes tries to rotate to the opposite direction that doesn’t fit the content format direction? Suddenly the image you were zooming into is resized and rotated. Or, have you ever tried to read an article while laying down? Every time you accidentally turn the phone sideways next to your head, the article changes to a horizontal orientation, making it hard to read quickly. In order to keep the screen from rotating as you move, you can turn off auto screen rotate.

How to Stop Your iPhone Screen From Rotating

If your iPhone keeps rotating when you don’t want it to, turning off the Auto Screen Rotate button is easy. You can stop the phone from rotating your screen when you don’t want it to. Simply swipe up on the screen to pull up the control panel. Click on the button that has a lock and circle arrow around it. This will stop the screen from rotating. When (or if) you want to go back to automatic rotating, simply follow these same steps to turn back on that feature.

How to Stop Your Android Screen from Rotating

To turn off your Android phone, you are virtually going to do the same steps as iPhone. For a Samsung phone (like the Galaxy s8), you unlock your phone and then swipe down to pull up the control panel. Select the button near the top row that looks like a rectangle with arrows on either side. This will turn off the auto screen rotation. If you click that button again, it will turn green and the auto rotation will be back on.

For any other Android phone that doesn’t have quite the same setup, you can simply Google “[your specific phone name] auto screen rotate” and you will quickly pull up the exact way to do this on your phone.

When you stop your phone screen from rotating, it will hold the position it is in. So, if you want a horizontal screen for a bigger video, make sure your phone is showing horizontal orientation when you click on the button. To get a vertical orientation, you need to click on the button when the screen is already rotated to be up and down.

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