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Published On: June 16, 2015 by Blake Schwank

Colorado Computer Support (CCS) has grown 28% in the last 5 years. We now support over 4,000 employees and 25,000 students. One of those organizations is Rocky Mountain Classical Academy (RMCA), right here at home in Colorado Springs.

As a charter school, RMCA already has a limited budget. It doesn’t leave them much to invest in their IT infrastructure. RMCA’s tech infrastructure was a sad mix of outdated, unreliable network equipment donated by generous and well-meaning parents and other businesses.

In 2014, RMCA started to relocate 800 students and 80 staff members from two buildings into one new building. To keep up with the demands of educational IT needs, the network for this building would have to be much better than their previous setup, but RMCA was still working with the same small IT budget.

That’s why they came to CCS.

Christianna Fogler“We selected Colorado Computer Support as our IT support provider through an RFP selection process,” said Christianna Fogler, Chief Administrative Officer for RMCA. “Their selection was based on past performance with other schools we work with and their extensive experience in education.”

Experience never hurts, and CCS has experience to share. CCS was impressive enough to secure the job, but would our service measure up to their expectations?

We certainly had our work cut out for us. When we arrived, RMCA was running 3 servers, and their MS Exchange server was running on a 6-year-old donated Dell Precision workstation which their tireless volunteers had managed to keep running. No backup solution was in place. There were other problems too, all intensified by RMCA’s tight budget.

“Prior to engaging them, we had consistent problems with email and our overall network and system performance,” Fogler said. “Ever since we started our contract with CCS, we have had a dramatic increase in reliability.”

“They have found innovative ways to stretch our limited budget while providing a stable network. We recently moved two schools into a new building. Throughout the process, CCS worked closely with our staff, vendors, and parent volunteers to ensure all IT systems were functional prior to moving in. They were active in all of the planning and they accomplished the move with no additional charges and exceeded all expectations.”

These day, the staff at RMCA is able to focus on providing the best possible education for their students, without worrying about IT issues holding them back. Can your school say the same?

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