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Why Businesses in Colorado Springs Need Regular Tabletop Exercises for Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery

In today’s digital era, where threats lurk at every virtual corner, businesses can’t afford to be complacent. For businesses in Colorado Springs, these threats aren’t just a distant possibility – they are an imminent reality. With a growing reliance on technology, it’s essential to have robust cybersecurity plans and disaster recovery measures in place. But is that enough?

The Importance of Tabletop Exercises

A crucial aspect that many businesses often overlook is the testing of their plans. Having a strategy on paper is one thing, but when a crisis strikes, will your team know how to implement it effectively?

Enter Tabletop exercises.

Tabletop exercises simulate potential scenarios that could compromise an organization’s security or disrupt operations. Companies can test their preparedness and rectify any loopholes in their current plans by conducting these exercises.

Why They’re Essential

  • Unearth Hidden Weaknesses: Real-time simulations help reveal gaps in the plan that might not be apparent on paper.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: It allows teams to practice their roles, ensuring a faster and more effective response when faced with a real threat.
  • Enhances Communication: Through these exercises, team members understand their responsibilities better, ensuring smoother communication during emergencies.

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Crafting the Perfect Tabletop Exercise

  1. Choose a Realistic Scenario: Tailor the simulation to threats specific to your industry and environment. It could range from a DDoS attack, a network breach, or even a lost device containing sensitive information.
  2. Clearly Defined Objectives: Before the exercise begins, have a moderator outline the goals and scope. The leader should make crucial decisions, and setting a timeline ensures the process remains efficient.
  3. Role Play with Precision: Participants should act out their roles based on the established security plan. Whether communicating with the media, informing clients, or making real-time decisions, this simulation should mimic reality as closely as possible.
  4. Training: FEMA suggests participants undergo training like the Incident Command System 100 and National Incident Management Systems 700A. This ensures everyone is on the same page.
  5. Debrief and Implement Changes: Post-exercise, discussing what went right and what didn’t, is essential. This is not a sign of failure but a tool to identify and fix vulnerabilities.

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Testimonies on the Effectiveness of Tabletop Exercises

First FarmBank’s experience highlights the value of these exercises. Robert Behling, IT Systems Administrator at First FarmBank, stated, “The tabletop exercises with Agility have always been a valued service. By providing fresh insights and opportunities for improvement, Agility has helped us grow and improve our BC Program immensely.”


For businesses in Colorado Springs and beyond, merely having cybersecurity and disaster recovery plans is not enough. Regular tabletop exercises ensure that these plans are effective and that every team member is well-prepared to handle real-life threats. After all, in the face of a crisis, it’s not the plans but the actions based on those plans that will determine an organization’s resilience.

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