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Protect Your Business from the Internet of Things

Technology plays a major role in our lives, always with our eyes on our mobile devices or turning on the TV to binge-watch our favorite TV shows. For many, electronic devices are a part of the family. However, we cannot forget that our favorite devices can be a source of possible threats, especially the devices that are connected to the internet. This happens because our routers, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart alarm systems, voice assistants, and more are all part of what we know as the Internet of Things, and can very easily become the target of bad actors.

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What Is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things describes all the things that have built-in computers and an internet connection. These physical objects are embedded with software, sensors, and other technologies that allow them to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet. It’s the things people rely on every day that most would be lost without.

How did you ever manage your grocery list before smart refrigerators? How did you survive without knowing how many miles you’d walked on a Saturday? The thought of some people going an entire day without smart devices is enough to make them panic.

What Are the Security Risks of the Internet of Things?

With every device that you have connected to the internet, the risks increase. Every connection provides an opportunity for bad actors. Security was not an aspect that was at the top of every manufacturer’s priority list when smart devices were first introduced, making them increasingly vulnerable to bad actors before you even purchased them and powered them on. Today, many of your favorite devices have some security measures, but businesses and organizations must implement their own security measures, and not fully rely on the manufacturer’s security measures.

How Can You Protect Your IoT Devices?

Set New and Strong Passwords

Many people are not aware that they can set passwords for IoT devices.  If you haven’t already, take inventory of all the IoT that you have in your workplace. Go through the devices and set passwords. If your devices have a default password, you must set a new and strong password to minimize any chances for bad actors to find an entryway into your network. Anything that you have connected to the internet has a password. Passwords should always be changed from the default password because the default password can be easy for a bad actor to crack.

Use a Separate Network 

When you’re using IoT devices, it’s best to place those devices on a separate network that is not connected to your office network. By creating a separate network, your smart devices will still have access to the internet, but the devices won’t be able to access critical data. You may also want to invest in device access management tools. Device access management tools will give you control of the devices, allowing you to determine what devices can access data and the type of data they can access, preventing unauthorized users and devices from gaining access.

Update Your Devices

If you want to keep your devices protected against cyberattacks and security breaches, then you must keep your devices up to date. Patches and updates are regularly released to counter the most recent vulnerabilities, so remember to check for and install updates. If you have multiple devices that your business needs to secure, patch management software can help acquire, test, and install multiple patches.

Disconnect Your Devices

Unplugging your IoT devices when they are not in use can greatly reduce how vulnerable your devices and your network are to a cyberattack or security breach. If your devices are unplugged or disconnected from the internet, there will be nothing for bad actors to target. We know that disconnecting and connecting your smart devices is not what you would like to do, but it is an effective way of preventing unauthorized access to your network.

Colorado Computer Support Can Help You with IoT Security

Colorado Computer Support can ensure your IoT devices’ security by implementing our comprehensive IT security solutions. Our experienced security team guarantees that every device used on your network will pose no threat to your business. Talk to the experts at Colorado Computer Support about securing the Internet of Things in your business. Give us a call today at (719) 439-0599.

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