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Safeguarding Your Next PCS Journey: An Insightful Discussion on Cybersecurity with Blake Schwank

In an era where technology increasingly intersects with every facet of our lives, ensuring cybersecurity during traveling becomes paramount. Blake Schwank, an Army veteran, recently graced the platform of Veterans Voice, offering priceless advice on potential cybersecurity pitfalls that could occur during your next Permanent Change of Station (PCS) travel.

Schwank’s insights range from cybersecurity awareness during travel to maintaining the physical security of personal items. The crux of his discourse lies in the disturbing eventuality of a cyber breach or data loss during the PCS journey – an issue that can turn any relocation experience sour.


Taking the helm of the conversation, Schwank also outlines the contrast between the security afforded at home and the potential vulnerabilities during PCS. According to him, a seamless transition to a new location requires a comprehensive approach towards cybersecurity, where the physical safety of belongings is as crucial as the digital safeguarding of data.

Before you embark on your next PCS journey, Schwank suggests the following cybersecurity recommendations to ensure any undesirable cyber incidents do not mar your transition.

Firstly, verification of your data backup is crucial. Schwank advises thoroughly checking all data, including essential items such as photos and videos. He suggests not blindly trusting the digital backup viewable on your computer. Instead, perform a physical verification to confirm all data is backed up. To this effect, consider investing in an encrypted external hard drive for a double layer of data backup security. Notably, the external hard drive should not be packed alongside the computer to minimize the risk of concurrent loss or damage.

Secondly, updating all your computers and devices before departure is key. Doing so ensures you’re equipped with the latest security patches, significantly reducing the risk of cyber threats.

Thirdly, passwords should be omnipresent. Secure all devices with robust, unique passwords to ensure your data remains inaccessible should a device go missing or get stolen during the PCS.

Lastly, be vigilant about your digital connections on the road. Schwank cautions travelers against hasty connections to public WiFi. A free WiFi access point could be a decoy set up by hackers to steal your personal information. Always ensure you’re connecting to the authentic WiFi service of your location to protect your data from potential cyber theft.

These recommendations by Schwank provide a valuable framework for maintaining robust cybersecurity during your PCS travel. The repercussions of a cyber breach during a PCS can be significant, affecting your transition and your digital life’s safety and privacy. By adhering to Schwank’s guidelines, you can ensure your journey remains cyber incident-free.

In conclusion, Blake Schwank’s insights provide a comprehensive guide to ensure cybersecurity during your PCS. As we move further into the digital age, these discussions are invaluable in fostering awareness and best practices in cybersecurity. Remember, your next PCS does not have to be a gateway to cyber vulnerabilities. Take the right precautions, stay vigilant, and your digital footprint will remain as secure as your physical one.

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