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What Parts of the State Do We Cover?

This is a question we often get at Colorado Computer Support. We are centrally located in Colorado Springs near the corner of North Union and North Academy Boulevards. So, of course, we serve all of Colorado Springs. However, we also serve the entire state of Colorado. If you’re down in Trinidad or up in Windsor, east to Eads or west to Silverthorne nested in the mountains, we can help you with any of your IT needs.

Recently, we went out to Paradox Valley to help a school that was having some problems with their network. I didn’t even know Paradox existed until they contact us. It’s located west of Colorado Springs, almost on the border of Utah. We even have clients in other states that we’ve served for over a decade.

Today, with technology what it is, you can get IT support from anywhere you have an internet connection. So the answer to the question, “What parts of the state do we cover?”

is, “Pretty much anywhere.”

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Isn’t Technology Great?

In many cases, we can remotely diagnose and fix your IT problems. And if you’re open to it, we can show you what’s going on, what’s caused your problems, and how avoid them again.

We believe in teaching our clients about their IT infrastructures so they’ll have a better experience. And with the world moving more toward technology, we should all try to learn as much as possible about the equipment we use each day.

I’m happy to say that our clients trust us as their IT Partner. Most of them are in healthcare, veterinary care, and education.

One of the ways we help our clients is by making sure they have a reliable Datto backup solution. This is a service that we usually set up for all of our clients because we understand how valuable your data is. This is a good investment that you’ll really appreciate if you ever get hit with malware or a ransomware virus.

Are You Ready To Move To The Next Level?

One thing we believe is that the right technology can help you build a more successful company. Your IT infrastructure shouldn’t be something you dread or fear. You should be somewhat familiar with how things work, but you should also work with a well-experienced IT services company.

When you get technology right, everything else will work better. You’ll notice an improvement in employee productivity, and you’ll be able to serve your customers better.

Are Your Employees Happy?

Very often, employees report a more satisfying experience when they are using stable computers, reliable networks and work with people who know how to take care of the small problems that can crop up each day.

No one likes to sit at their workstation waiting all day for an IT guy to show up. And workers are much more efficient if their computers and programs function the way they should.

If you don’t feel like your employees are getting enough done each day, then the first thing you should check is your technology. Do they have a network that’s always up and running? Do they have reliable computers and the other equipment that they need to get their jobs done? Usually, if you give your employees the right tools and proper training, you can expect good results.

We understand that if you have a new startup business, you may not be able to purchase the best equipment available. But there are ways to lease the hardware you need where you pay monthly instead of laying out a large sum of cash. This can prevent you from having to go into debt or seek loans with high interest rates. Be sure to ask us about this if it sounds like something you’d be interested in.

We Work For You!

I want to end by saying how much we appreciate all of our clients. We work hard to make sure you have everything you need to be successful. Please call us if you have questions, problems or comments. Serving our customers well is our primary goal.

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