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Published On: October 24, 2018 by Blake Schwank

In September 2018, Facebook suffered a serious breach that compromised 50 million accounts. The hack, the biggest in the company’s history, is extensive … and the impact of the breach is still under investigation.

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What does this mean for companies? It’s possible that the hackers stole data that could be shared publicly. used to intimidate or compromise owners of those accounts, or for some other nefarious purpose. It’s why when looking for business computer services in Colorado Springs you should look for a partner who will help keep you and your data protected.

You Need To Log Out of Your Social Media Accounts

The Facebook hack happened in most cases by exploiting a flaw related to a behavior that many of us exhibit with our social media accounts. Hackers took advantage of the access token save, which is a feature that lets users stay logged in. Here’s how it works.

Whenever you log into Facebook or most other social media sites, either as an app on your smartphone or tablet or in a computer browser session, it creates login credentials. When you choose to stay logged in and don’t sign out, social media platforms create a stamp with your login info in it. This keeps your session open and available until you log out. So when you open a new web browser tab or window, or open the app again, you’re still logged in. It’s very convenient and lets you begin using the social media right away.

The convenience can come at a steep price. If someone hacks into your computer or mobile device, you could be exposing everything not just in the social media account, but on your entire device … or your company’s network. It’s like leaving the door unlocked when you run out for a quick errand. When you return, sure, you don’t need to fuss with your keys, but you are leaving yourself open to risk.

What’s at risk? If someone can access your account, all of your information — messages, photos, videos, contacts, friends and intimate details. Your company could be exposing customer information, intellectual property, strategic plans, customer lists or other critical information that can be leveraged.

Be Smart About Your Passwords

If closing out of social media accounts is the top thing you can do to protect yourself, setting the right passwords is next. Start by avoiding personal details (birthdays, kids’ names, colleges). Make sure to make the password long, consider using a phrase not a word, don’t repeat passwords, don’t share them, and use upper and lowercase letters, numerals, and special characters.

There are many new tools available that can help secure your company and your users. At Colorado Computer Support we offer business computer consulting in Colorado Springs that helps your business and employees keep data safe. We offer anti-spam, anti-malware and firewall services. We can provide advanced user authentication tools and password setting recommendations to keep accounts locked down and secure. To learn more about how we can keep your systems safe, contact us today.

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