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Published On: June 24, 2018 by Blake Schwank

It finally happened. Steve misplaced his power cord for his Lenovo 710 laptop. The medical organization he works for, issues Lenovo mobile devices as part of his job duties, to enter patient information into their electronic medical record (EMR) software, when on-site. In his line of work, Steve meets with about 6-8 homebound clients a day. He’s a traveling nurse, and that computer goes with him everywhere.

On this trip, he was heading back over to Colorado Springs to meet with a new homebound patient. It would be his last stop of the day; which worked out nicely for him because he lived in the area and didn’t have far to travel when heading home.

Power Cord Is A No Show

Upon his arrival, Steve grabbed his backpack and medical bag, then went inside. When he opened the pack to retrieve his equipment, that’s when he discovered his power cord was missing and not with his Lenovo laptop.

He rifled through the pack, checking each pocket but it was not there. Then he went back outside and started rummaging around in his car. Front seats, back seats, under the seats and still no power cord. He couldn’t waste any more time he had to get back inside.

Once back inside, he quickly turned on the laptop to check his battery’s charging level. Fortunately, the charging icon showed the battery had a 42% charge left. So, he could still enter the information into the company’s EMR software, but he could not leave the mobile device on for very long, for fear he may drain the battery and the computer shut off.

Power Cord Finally Makes An Appearance

As he was heading home from that last appointment, Steve tried to retrace his steps in his mind, but could not remember which client’s residence he last used the cord. He could not believe he would misplace that cord. He takes it with him everywhere. Was it at Miss Stapleton’s up in Littleton? Maybe he left it at Mr. Barnes home over in Castle Rock. He was stumped and a bit frustrated with himself.

As he stepped into his house and walked over to the kitchen counter, where he plugs in his Lenovo computer every night, there was the cord, still plugged into the wall outlet, where he last used it. That’s when it hit him. Steve woke up late and flew out of the house in such a rush he forgets to grab his cord. A huge sigh of relief rushed over him, but the thought of telling his boss he lost company equipment didn’t sit well with him.

That’s when Steve realized he needed to pick up another power cord. One for his home and one to keep in his backpack. As he searched online for the part, the only things he could find was online e-commerce sites or Lenovo’s website, to purchase the cord.

As he refined his search, he entered Lenovo Colorado Springs as his search terms and came across a business right in his backyard called Colorado Computer Support. Ironically the title to their search results page was: “Need Lenovo Support in Colorado Springs?” That question made him laugh due to the irony.

Lenovo Authorized Service Depot in Colorado Springs

As Steve started looking around at their website, he wasn’t able to find if they sold Lenovo parts and accessories. But did notice Colorado Computer Support were Lenovo’s authorized service depot and offered computer repair services for Lenovo computers.

The CCS website showed they have:

  • “Quick turnaround: We offer local, on-site service and support, to ensure quick turnaround, as opposed to the lengthy process of sending equipment into Lenovo’s service center and waiting for the computer to be fixed and returned.
  • “Knowledgeable support: We retain a knowledgeable staff that has extensive experience and certifications, to give you peace of mind knowing we’re able to resolve any equipment issues that arise.
  • “Thorough resolution: We guarantee issues get Some issues, are not entirely Lenovo based, but we can inspect, detect and resolve issues that are a network, software, or malware-based as well.”

At Steve’s medical facility when any of the Lenovo equipment needs serviced it is shipped off to Lenovo’s service center, and they have to wait for repairs and then sent back. It could take weeks before they get their equipment back, but CCS could do it on-site without the long wait time.

The More He Dug Through The Website The More He Found

As he continued reading, Steve also uncovered, that Lenovo Computer Repair and Computer Services were also offered by Colorado Computer Support, to other industries who have invested in Lenovo equipment there in Colorado Springs:

  • Businesses
  • Organizations
  • Schools
  • Medical Facilities

CCS also mentions: “When you’re tired of experiencing issues with Lenovo products, look no further than our team of IT experts! As an authorized Lenovo service provider, we’ve accomplished the following:

  • A+ certification.
  • Warranty administration training.
  • Product specific training for desktop service.
  • Exceptional client satisfaction levels.

The information was quite eye-opening.  Some of Steve’s friends are teachers that use Lenovo tablets at their schools, but one friend, in particular, owns a local business, and she has several Lenovo desktops at her company. He didn’t know if any of them knew about CCS but would shoot them an email about his discovery.

As for the replacement power cord? Steve held off buying it and let his supervisor know he wanted another. He also told them about Colorado Computer Support near his home in Colorado Springs, and they fix Lenovo computers on-site, and he might consider looking at them as a vendor.

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As a leading IT support company in Colorado Springs, Colorado Computer Support offers local depot service and support for all of your Lenovo products – from laptops to PCs to servers, our team of IT experts is here to help you out! To learn more, give us a call at (719) 439-0599 or send us an email at">

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