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Protect Your Law Firm In The Cloud

The American Bar Association’s 2018 Legal Technology Survey Report Finds Solo Practitioners and Small Law Firms Are Leading the Way with 60% of Them Using the Cloud.

Attorneys are known for being strategic in the way they approach challenges, and nowadays, technology is a major challenge for most law firms. They’re looking to do more with less – allowing them to continue serving their clients in an effective manner while staying within budget. Does the cloud help alleviate challenges associated with technology? To put it simply, absolutely. That’s why 60% of solo practitioners and small law firms are leading the way with cloud computing. Nowadays, more and more lawyers work from home, hotel rooms, on the road, in court, and with clients. It’s important to have any time, anywhere access – without worrying about losing client confidentiality.

How Does the Cloud Benefit Law Firms?

For the average law firm, the workday is filled with juggling client demands, filling out paperwork, and managing team members – it’s simply too busy to worry about technology. The cloud minimizes the stress and hassle of technology – giving you any time, anywhere access to your information, systems, and applications. The benefits are clear:

  1. Greater ease of use: You can access your information and applications from any device or location via a web browser, which makes the cloud perfect for attorneys working on-the-go, no matter where they’re working.
  2. Fewer technology expenses: There’s no need to purchase and maintain high-end machines and/or software programs. Instead, you pay-as-you-go and leave the upgrades, updates, and troubleshooting costs to your cloud provider.
  3. Quick scalability when needed: If your law firm needs access to additional resources, the cloud can scale as needed – giving you more or less in terms of storage, users, licenses, and more in a moment’s notice.

Should You Be Concerned About Data Security and Governance in the Cloud?

The American Bar Association found that 70% of current legal professionals using the cloud feel worried about losing control of their data. In addition, 63% of legal professionals not using the cloud stated that they’re reluctant due to security concerns. Although it’s great news that attorneys are taking cybersecurity more seriously, especially in light of the many cyberattacks we’ve seen against law firms, the cloud can actually be quite secure.

Think about it this way, the average law firm doesn’t have the resources, expertise, and budget necessary to implement enterprise-grade security measures whereas the average cloud provider does. Typically, cloud providers have a range of built-in protective measures to keep your data and applications safe:

  • Advanced firewalls to inspect incoming and outgoing traffic for the purpose of responding to threats immediately.
  • Event logging to ensure greater insight into actions taken on the network for enhanced compliance and/or security efforts.
  • Military-grade encryption that keeps data unreadable to anyone who manages to gain unauthorized access.
  • Physical security, including biometric access controls, armed guards, and more to keep the premises safe.
  • And much, much more.

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