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Why Does Kiowa County Hospital District Work With Colorado Computer Support?

The healthcare industry relies heavily on modern technology. From communication systems to electronic medical record (EMR) software, much of a medical organization’s ability to properly care for patients depends on how well their IT is functioning.

That’s why Kiowa County Hospital District works with Colorado Computer Support. Find out more in this testimonial video:

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Colorado Computer Support Is Kiowa County Hospital District’s Reliable Partner For All Things IT

“From my perspective, it’s been very positive,” says Charlene Korrell, CEO, Kiowa County Hospital District. “We get answers right away.”

Whether Charlene or a staff member has a relatively simple question about IT, or a more pressing matter arises, they know they can trust that Colorado Computer Support will be there to help. Our team is proud to assist with both daily issues and long-term budget planning for IT expenses.

In one instance, Kiowa County Hospital District experienced total server failure, which kept them from being able to access their EMR software. This would have brought their operations to a standstill, had it not been for Colorado Computer Support.

Members of our team worked with Charlene and the Kiowa County Hospital District staff nonstop overnight until the issue was resolved. We even sent a technician onsite to directly handle the resolution so that their EMR software was back online as quickly as possible.

“I was grateful to the team that worked,” says Charlene. “I really appreciated the dedication.”

Colorado Computer Support Is The Committed IT Partner That Kiowa County Hospital District Needs

No matter what type of IT issue Kiowa County Hospital District has, they know they can rely on the Colorado Computer Support team. Whether they have a small issue or need to start planning a major project, they trust that Colorado Computer Support will be there to help them.

“I would recommend CCS to other hospitals,” says Charlene.

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