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Published On: February 28, 2019 by Blake Schwank

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Information technology professionals have a tendency for hoarding hardware. If an information technology pro can keep their server up and running for years without a restart, they think they have done well. Have they, though? Couldn’t they have missed many updates that a restart could provide? Aging hardware needs care and also needs to land in the trash from time to time, when necessary.

Understanding Information Technology Hardware Hoarders

You need to gain an understanding of information technology hoarders to deal with the problem. Most of the time, IT hardware is not going to die. It may slow down, it may get a swap out for new hardware, but it likely will still work. Information technology professionals think they may have a use for the hardware at some point down the line. Due to this mindset, they resist throwing away old information technology junk. Instead, they hoard it. It is the long known concept of thinking that, at some point, you may find a use for that hardware once again.

Dangers of IT Hoarding

There are many dangers present when thinking about hoarding information technology hardware. One of the risks revolves around security. You need to upgrade your information technology hardware over time to ensure your data, your servers, stay secure. When you have aging hardware, it may get to the point where updates no longer exist. When you cannot update hardware to keep your company and its data protection paramount, the hardware has to go. An information technology professional may find a use for the old hardware, but it may also create a security gap for your company.

Lacking performance is another concern for information technology hoarding. An information technology professional may figure out a way to make that old server run with aging hardware sitting in a closet, but at what cost? What is the performance you experience when trying to operate with aging hardware? You will see degradation and it may lead to efficiency loss within your company.

Taking Care of the IT Hoarding Problem

You need to take care of the IT hoarding problem by throwing things away. An information technology service provider should only be giving you the latest and greatest in hardware. Information technology employees need training on the dangers of hoarding hardware, and trying to make use of the old tech. Throw it away!

Take control of your information technology hoarders with policy. Set policy to throw away hardware when it is no longer in use. Make sure that when a problem arises at your company, nothing that is out of date ends up at an installation point. Protect your company and give it the best information technology backbone possible.

There are a lot of risks present when talking about information technology hoarders. The hardware is likely junk if it was taken out of commission as part of your day to day set-up. If it is out of service once, it should never go back! Take control and use an IT support company in Colorado Springs that knows when to toss the junk.

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