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Colorado Computer Support Presents: How To View Your Inbox And Calendar At The Same Time In Microsoft Outlook

Need to consult your calendar while you’re drafting an email in Microsoft Outlook? You may assume that the only way to do so is to switch back and forth between the two views and try to memorize the important details as you go.

But there’s a better way – check out our latest Tuesday Tech Tip video to learn how to view your inbox and calendar simultaneously:

YouTube video

How To View Your Inbox And Calendar At The Same Time

  1. Find the icon bar in the bottom lefthand corner of the window
  2. Right-click the Calendar icon
  3. Select “Open In A New Window”

Your calendar will now be open in a second window, which you can arrange next to your inbox and view simultaneously. This is yet another way in which learning a little bit more about the apps you use every day can make you more efficient and save you a headache down the road.

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