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Extending Laptop Battery

We’ve all had this experience. You’re trying to finish a task on your laptop, when all of a sudden the warning that your battery is almost dead pops up. Laptop batteries seem to die at the most inconvenient times. Many people want to know if there are any tips and tricks for extending the life of their laptop battery. While there may not be a trick to prevent your laptop from ever dying, there are a few actions you can take to help extend the life of your laptop battery.

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Use the Power Saving Settings

One of the first tips is to check your laptop’s power settings. Windows laptops have a performance power slider, which allows users to trade the performance of their system for longer battery life. You can access the slider on your Windows device by clicking the battery icon on the taskbar. Choosing a lower power mode can help extend your laptop’s battery by limiting certain resources. Adjust the slider to Best battery life if you want to reduce power usage. You can also configure your laptop’s power settings using the slider mode.

Under the battery settings, you can get a look at all the settings that might be affecting your battery life. Windows will even offer recommendations for extending the life of your battery based on your settings and usage. If you are using a Mac, your power settings can be found in the Energy Saver preferences.

Use the Battery Saver Feature

Another great tip for extending your laptop’s battery life is using the Battery Saver feature in Windows. This feature is only available when your laptop is unplugged. The Battery Saver feature reduces your display brightness, disables some Windows features, and prevents Windows update downloads. You can adjust the settings of the battery saver feature so it will automatically enable when your battery falls below 20%.

Dim the Brightness

You are likely already aware that the brightness of your screen can quickly drain your battery. Changing this setting is easy and has a huge impact on the life of your battery. Lower the brightness to a level that’s only as bright as required for your current environment. You can also set your display to turn off or dim after a few minutes so that your screen isn’t exerting too much energy when you’re away from your laptop or not using it.

Keep It Cool

Heat can significantly damage your laptop’s battery, so it is important to take the proper actions to ensure your laptop doesn’t overheat. Keeping your laptop cool will help you get the most out of your battery life. If you’re working, and your laptop is sitting on your lap or a pillow or anywhere that’s not a hard surface, your laptop cannot blow the hot air away. You should keep your laptop away from your lap and avoid using a pillow. Always ensure there is enough airflow around your laptop.

Close Unused and Background Applications

Your laptop’s battery life can suffer if you have power-draining apps running in the background. If there are apps that are not in use, you should close them. You should also close out any browser tabs that you are not using so your laptop does not have to put in the extra work just to keep those unused tabs open.

Don’t Charge Your Devices from Your Laptop

We understand how convenient it can be to charge your phone, tablet, or other devices from your laptop. However, charging your mobile devices from your laptop is a huge battery drainer. It’s best not to have any USB accessories plugged in if you are trying to extend the life of your laptop’s battery.

Thanks for taking the time to learn our latest bit of tech advice on another Tech Tip Tuesday. These are only a few tips on extending the battery life of your laptop. Call our experts today at (719) 439-0599 to learn more!

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