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This is a fair question and customers do need to know about this. What if you have a contract for IT support with CCS but a problem arises that we can’t fix remotely? Lots of managed IT services do charge extra if they have to come onsite to resolve an IT problem. But we don’t. We built our pricing structure to be very simple. You pay one monthly fee for your managed IT services and that’s all you pay.

We do our best to repair networking and computer issues remotely because that’s easier for you and for us. But if one of our techs has to come out to your place of business to repair equipment, you will not be charged extra for it. We believe businesses need pricing that is fair and consistent from month-to-month. When you get large bills from expensive equipment repairs, it can really put a dent in your monthly budget. We don’t work that way. Our fees include whatever it takes to keep your IT equipment working well and we don’t charge extra for onsite visits.

Is There A Reason For Consistent IT Equipment Failures?

Now, if we get out to your business and discover that you need a new server, better routers, or newer computers, we will recommend upgrades to you. Upgrading your equipment every few years helps keep your employees working at their peak efficiency. It also helps to prevent data breaches. Old, outdated equipment can really cost a lot more than you may think. And very often, business owners don’t take into account all the ways that using older IT equipment can hurt their bottom line.

Outdated technology causes frustration for your employees and your IT staff. There’s no telling how much time and effort is wasted trying to get this equipment to run correctly. For some companies, downtime can cost thousands of dollars per hour. You must take all this into consideration when thinking about whether to replace old outdated equipment.

What if you have one old server that keeps shutting down and each time it does, a dozen employees aren’t able to work? Maybe your IT department can get it back up and running within an hour. And this only happens once a week. That doesn’t seem so bad, right? If you sit down and figure all the costs—even the hidden costs—into the equation, you’ll quickly see that this one old server might be costing your company thousands of dollars per year. For that amount, you could get the newest and best server on the market.

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Do Employees Get More Done When They Have the Right Tools?

Absolutely! Workers who have the best tools and an optimal work environment are far more likely to perform well at their jobs. They simply get more done each day with fewer frustrations. You can’t put a price tag on that. When you can keep your employees happy, they’ll stay with your company. And everyone knows how expensive it is to hire and train a new employee.

Many studies have been done on this topic and they all agree that hiring and training one new employee can cost you around $4,200 and it takes an average of 43 days to fill a position. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just keep your current employees happy so they aren’t looking around for new positions?

Have You Heard About Virtualization?

We feel like part of our job at CCS is to help you maintain an efficient and productive work environment for your employees. If you need to replace those old computers or servers, we’ll talk to you about it. We understand budget restraints, but once you know that your IT equipment is getting older and needs to be replaced soon, you can start looking for ways to do this. And there are lots of solutions out there these days. Just ask us.

For instance, virtualization can be right for many businesses. With virtualization, you can take advantage of today’s most innovative technology without having to mortgage the house. Plus, you can eliminate all those large pieces of IT equipment and use that space for something else. Your utility bills will go down and your need for consistent maintenance will almost be eliminated. You can also gain access to enterprise-grade applications that would be too expensive otherwise.

CCS has a lot of experience with VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V and we do consider ourselves virtualization experts. We know how much of a difference it can make for businesses regardless of your industry. And you can virtualize a lot more than you may be thinking. These systems can be virtualized:

  • Applications – Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, QuickBooks, and more.
  • Desktops – Full desktop environments with all the applications you need to do work every day.
  • Servers – Including Oracle, SQL Server, and others.
  • Storage – Avoid large storage servers in-office.
  • Networks – Eliminate complex switches and firewalls stored in your physical location while improving their performance.
  • Lots more

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in learning more about, please contact us. We would love to explain how virtualization works and how it can benefit your business.

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