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Dialing into Video Conferencing: Why and How to do it

As more and more workplaces shift to being remote, we are gradually learning ways of navigating various technologies used in the digital workplace. One technology that has gained traction as the go-to tool in the digital workplace is video conferencing. It improves operational efficiency, amplifies collaboration, shortens decision-making timelines, and cuts operating costs. It’s no wonder that a recent Global Market Insight research projects that the video conferencing industry will grow to a 50 billion dollar industry by 2026.

Meetings are gradually moving online. As such, you’ll have to participate in numerous video conference calls. Suppose you are not adept with video conferencing, you may have difficulty communicating with your team, especially if the entire team works remotely. That said, this post will help you improve the efficiency of your video conferencing practices by giving you valuable insights on why you should dial into video conferencing and how to do it. Let’s dive in.

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Reasons for Dialing Into Video Conferencing

Did you know that you could call into your video meeting on Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Microsoft Teams Account? Well, you can. And however much it may seem weird to call in instead of using a video conferencing platform, some instances may call for this action. Below is an outline of some of them:

Bad Internet Connection

Meetings are increasingly being conducted online with the adoption of remote work, and rightly so, among other reasons, online meetings eliminate the need of having to travel hundreds of miles to a brick-and-mortar meeting point. That said, there are devices that you need to have in place to conduct your video conference efficiently.  One such requirement is a stable and fast internet network that can handle a video conference call without lagging or any other disturbances. Unfortunately, there are instances such as bad weather that can weaken the strength of your network. Calling in will ensure that you have a much better experience of hearing, paying attention and participating in your meeting even when there is a bad internet connection.

The Inconvenience of Driving Down the Road

There are instances when you may need to join a video conference call yet you are engaged in driving. While it’s possible to use the zoom app on your phone to participate in the meeting, having the video up and about could distract you while driving. In such a case, you are better off dialing in.

Working Off a Computer With Background Noise

Suppose you are one of those people who work off computers with background noise and you don’t have a way of hooking up a headset,  then dialing into a video conference is an ideal alternative. You can use your computer screen for video and use your phone for audio. Incorporating these two devices into a video conference call ensures that you have a seamless experience.

How to Dial Into Video Conferencing

There are different ways of dialing into video conferencing. You can use platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Microsoft Teams. Here is a discussion of how you can dial into video conferencing when using these platforms:

Invitation to Zoom

Upon joining a Zoom meeting, you’ll receive a prompt to join the audio automatically. There are instances  when the prompt may fail to appear, or you may close it accidentally. If that happens, you should click the join audio prompt in the meeting control settings. Afterwards, click the phone call tab (if you are subscribed to the call out add-on, you can join the meeting by having Zoom dial your number). You can then follow the steps outlined below to dial into a meeting.

  • Select the region/country you are calling from in the country/region drop-down menu
  • Type the phone number provided for the meeting
  • Enter your meeting ID, then press #
  • Enter  your participant ID followed by #
  • Suppose you get a prompt requiring that you enter the passcode; you should enter the passcode followed by #

Microsoft Teams Account

Microsoft Teams Account has numerous impressive and valuable video conferencing features that remote workers can harness during online meetings. It can host 1080p video resolution calls  with a maximum of 250 members. Users can record meetings and share screens by using the Microsoft Teams app for various devices.

That said, unfortunate events such as bad internet connectivity may necessitate that you dial into a video conferencing meeting. Here are the ways you can dial into your Microsoft Team meeting:

  • You can call into a meeting using the Teams account by going to the calendar prompt on the left side of the app and then choosing the meeting you want to join. You will then dial the phone number that’s provided in the details of the meeting upon which you will automatically join the meeting.
  • Suppose you are not a Microsoft Teams member, you can join a Microsoft Teams meeting using the invitation you received in Outlook or any other email application. Ensure that you use the phone number provided to dial into the meeting.

Dialing into a Microsoft Teams Account is both easy and convenient. However, you should keep in mind that you’ll have to pay an additional $4 per month for audio telecommunication after the expiration of the free offer period.


You can also dial into a video conference on GoToMeeting using various avenues. Below are the steps to follow.

  • First, click the settings icon located in the toolbar.
  • Select phone call on the audio tab.
  • Go to the drop-down menu and select the region/country you are joining the meeting from.
  • Use your phone to choose the desired phone number, and then enter that 9-digit access when a prompt appears.
  • Ensure that you enter that Audio PIN so that your phone call is linked to the session. Failure to do so will subject you to managing your audio using your phone’s keypad.

Bottom Line

As more businesses adopt remote working, the need to incorporate an efficient video conferencing platform for your team members only grows. You need the services of an expert IT support company to achieve that feat. Colorado Computer Support offers a wide range of services including strategic IT planning, mobile device management, wireless networking, and server visualization services that are guaranteed to improve the efficiency of your organization. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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