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  • Guide To Ensure Your Cloud Data Is Properly Backed Up

    Cloud storage is a relatively new technology that provides access to data on multiple devices any time and anywhere.

    Many businesses turning to cloud storage to boost the productivity of their employees. While cloud storage is both convenient and secure, it is not infallible.

    Therefore, it is important that you take the time to ensure your cloud data is properly backed up. Whether you’re running Google Apps or Office 365, this guide will help you make sure you’re properly securing and backing up the data you have stored on the cloud.

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  • How Managed IT Services can Improve Cyber Security

    According to BusinessWire, 4.5 billion records were compromised during the first part of 2018.

    Every type of organization from healthcare to banking is susceptible to a security breach. Even small businesses are no longer immune from the threat of hackers or malware. Cybersecurity is a priority for nearly every organization and finding ways to reduce the risk can be both time consuming and costly.

    There are several ways a managed IT service can improve a company’s cybersecurity and lessen the chance of a significant breach.

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  • Will The New Apple iPad Replace Small Business Computers?

    Did you know that the new iPad Pro sports more powerful features than most entry-level laptops in stores today?

    Yes, the iPad is powerful but can it replace a computer?

    Is the iPad a tablet or a computer?

    This is a question that has been asked repeatedly since the iPad Pro was first released in 2015. With the debut of the latest iPad Pro in 2017 with the more robust iOS 11, improved multitasking and better file management, choosing between a MacBook and an iPad has been made more difficult for mobile users.

    Apple advertises the iPad Pro as a replacement for laptops. Looking at some of the videos posted by Apple on YouTube, mobile users are convinced that the device can (almost) do everything a laptop can. So, is it time to ditch your laptop for an iPad? Read on to learn more.

    What can the iPad do?

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  • Want The IRS To Pay For Your New Technology?

    What would be the one thing better than getting your hands on the new hardware, software, or office furniture you’ve had your eye on? How about getting new technology as a tax write-off?

    Awesome, right?

    Especially since technology tends to be as expensive as it is necessary.

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