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Published On: August 23, 2018 by Blake Schwank

It happened again! Another technical support nightmare. You called in because you could not access your company email. When you reached tech support, they said they looked at your IT package, and technical support is not available to you and stated you picked the wrong IT plan. You said, no I chose the wrong IT company. Does it seem here lately, your tech company is too busy to take your call?

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The Top 3 Tech Support Problems Businesses Can Eliminate Today!

Love it or hate it, technical support is something we all must face when our technologies do not perform the way they are supposed to. From the 30 minute or longer on-hold situations to the call them, leave a message and wait for a callback.

Unfortunately, we all have had the misfortune of bad customer service from technical support. With technology as advanced as it is; there must be a solution to reduce or get rid of, tech support nightmares, computer users commonly experience.

Regardless if the service wanted is not part of your IT service package or vendors not returning your calls promptly, Colorado Computer Support has several solutions for the top three tech support problems you can eliminate today.

#1 – Caller Is Placed On Hold And Is Forced To Wait Indefinitely.

There are several reasons a caller will experience longer than average on hold delays, into an IT firm’s technical support services. Here are the three most common occurrences.

  1. Understaffed – There are some firms, due to their small operation, are not able to hire additional staff to answer tech support calls around the clock.
  2. Calls Stuck in the Queue – Some VoIP phone systems do experience software glitches where calls, once placed on hold, the call taker is unable to bring you back on the line.
  3. Outsourced Help Desk – Large companies will hire call centers to accept your call, but too often you will get transferred to an extension where no call taker is sitting, and it will go unnoticed.

Solution – It is best to contact your IT provider in advance and ask them if they have 24/7 tech support or do they run a skeleton crew on the off hours. If you have been on hold for more than 10-15 minutes, you may be stuck in the queue or your call is on hold at a call station no one is sitting at, hang up and call back. If this persists, call the corporate office and speak to management.

#2 – Caller Requested On-Site Service, But 6-Hours Later Technician Is A No-Show.

There are multiple reasons an IT company may delay the arrival of an on-site technician or delay the service. Here are the four common reasons.

  1. Backlogged – There are times when an IT company will experience a higher degree of call-ins, but due to the sheer volume of calls, they fall behind.
  2. Self-Correct – When an IT situation requires an on-site technician, the problem may self-correct. When that happens, the call got canceled, but tech support did not call back to advise.
  3. Weather Conditions – Bad weather, natural disasters, and states of emergency will delay a technician from arriving to resolve the IT issue.
  4. No Service Requested – Some companies fall prey to the fly-by-night IT companies. You put in a service ticket, the technician does not arrive, and when you call in, the service call is not scheduled.

Solution – In the first two scenarios ask IT support if they are backlogged, what is the average wait time, and should the problem self-correct will they call with an update. As for the last two; weather conditions are considered “Acts of God” so an IT firm will keep their technician safe first and then send them out when weather permits. When submitting a service ticket, call into the company immediately after submission, to confirm receipt of your request, and the time a technician will arrive.

#3 – Caller’s System Went Down But Backups Are Not Available For Recovery.

When it comes to backups, a technician can only recover what was adequately backed up. It may appear they don’t want to take your call. But if the client had poor backup strategies or practices, like once a week, technical support is very limited in what’s recovered. In some instances, if a back-up has not taken place in the past 30 days, all of that data is not recoverable.

Solution – Back-up your data every day. Institute a proper and daily backup policy and follow it, and consider moving your backup storage to a cloud computing infrastructure to ensure your data can be retrieved even after a natural disaster takes place.

Ultimate Solution

Before the next tech support nightmare, where being on hold seems indefinite, or the technician never arrived, and the help desk forgot to call back to notify you, or you find out your data, is not backed up or recoverable, you do have an ultimate solution.

Most of the items listed above are 100% avoidable and correctable when you work with IT companies like Colorado Computer Support; who had stepped in to take over, when other IT firms failed to deliver, and more importantly are never too busy to take your call.

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