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Apple computers and devices are becoming a regular part of business in Colorado.  Colorado Computer Support has seen a drastic increase in the number of mobile devices, tablet computers and laptops and desktop computers running the Apple iOS and OS X operating systems.  Businesses are now welcoming Apple with open arms.

Colorado Springs, CO Sep. 29, 2012 – Business executives are always on the look out for the best technology to propel their businesses forward.  A shift has occurred in the types of computing solutions that business executives are investing in.  Apple computers, iPhones and iPads are now regular staples in the Colorado Springs business community.

The need to have a fully certified Apple support company in Colorado Springs was hitting a critical stage.  Colorado Computer Support understands the technical complexities associated with running Apple devices and computers on a business network.  Complicated issues arise with file sharing, printing and security when Apple computers are introduced into a company’s network.

“We have seen many business leaders in Colorado Springs run out and buy Macs, iPhones and iPads for their businesses,” said CCS president Blake Schwank.  “Macs can cause a number of problems for a business network, and this is where my team comes in. We can ensure that your Macs integrate seamlessly with your Windows networks.  No longer can IT departments insist on one platform or the other, business needs are demanding that we adapt and integrate all of these devices to make the users more successful.”

Colorado Computer Support recently helped Falcon School District (D49) implement and introduce over a thousand Apple MacBooks into their school computer environment.  CCS provides complete care and IT support to all faculty and staff at Falcon School District.

CCS employs Apple certified support professionals and Apple certified technical coordinators who are committed to supporting the Apple needs for businesses in Colorado Springs.  CCS also holds Apple’s Mobility Technical Competency certification.

CCS provides complete support of business networks throughout Colorado Springs and offers consultations on integrating Apple devices into a blended Windows network and ensures that the business network performs at optimal levels.

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About Colorado Computer Support:  Colorado Computer Support, based in Colorado Springs, CO, offers a wide range of IT solutions for businesses, non-profits and education institutions across Colorado Springs and surrounding communities.  CCS offers fixed-cost and specialized IT consulting for Apple systems, Windows networks, wireless solutions and much more.

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