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Cloud Computing Is the Future of Law Firms

Cloud computing has become a much more familiar term for attorneys around the world, but in the past few years, even smaller law firms are starting to leverage the cloud for a better chance at competing within the increasingly technology dependent legal world. How so? In the past, smaller law firms couldn’t compete with the scale and complexity of technology within large law firms – from e-discovery tools to document management solutions and everything in between. But nowadays, the cloud makes it easy to compete as you’re able to access services and software via the Internet as opposed to purchasing and installing them locally on-premises.

Rather than spending a ton of time and money investing in the right hardware and software, law firms of all types and sizes are able to take advantage of the latest and greatest legal technologies to better serve their clients. Plus, they’re able to stay safer and maintain client confidentiality as the cloud comes with built-in enterprise-grade security features that would otherwise be difficult to procure. In fact, 31% of law firms feel that cloud services offer greater security than they’re able to provide on their own. So is cloud computing the future of law firms? The simple answer: absolutely.

Lawyer Using Cloud Services In His Colorado Springs Law Firm

The Cloud Requires Little to No Capital Investment, Yet Delivers TONS of Cost-Savings in Terms of Greater Productivity, Improved Client Service, and a Higher Bottom Line.

Law firms are looking towards the cloud for new tools or supplementing existing tools – allowing them to achieve greater productivity, improved client service, and a higher bottom line. Let’s take a look at the many benefits of the cloud for law firms:

  1. Anytime, anywhere accessibility: Your team is able to access all of the documents and case files they need from any device or location. This typically leads to faster collaboration, and in turn, better client service. A recent study found that 80% of clients felt surprised by major aspects regarding their case. The cloud helps prevent this – giving you more transparent and frequent communication with those you serve.
  2. Fast provisioning to scale up or down: Those using the cloud are able to scale up or down incredibly easily with fast provisioning wherein new users, more storage, and additional subscriptions to legal software can be purchased, installed, and/or implemented in a moment’s notice – keeping you agile enough to stay productive, even through major changes to your law firm’s environment.
  3. Less upfront costs required: Rather than purchasing, installing, and supporting equipment – from hardware to software – you’re saving money moving workloads to the cloud as you’re able to reduce the total cost of ownership. Plus, you pay a flat-rate monthly fee based on what you use and there’s no need to pay for the cost of running a ton of equipment in terms of energy and/or electricity.
  4. Greater security against cybercrime: Most cloud providers have enterprise-grade security features built-in to keep their data centers safe against all sorts of cybercrime, including ransomware, viruses, and other forms of malicious activity, such as:
    • Advanced firewalls that inspect any and all traveling data packets to respond to threats quickly before infection can occur.
    • Intrusion detection to prevent unauthorized access in the form of intruders getting past the network’s first line of defense.
    • Event logging that gives you insight into any sort of actions taking place on the network for compliance purposes.
    • Encryption to ensure all data stored or in transit is unreadable in the event that unauthorized access does occur.
    • Physical security with around-the-clock monitoring, armed guards, and fingerprint locks to keep the property safe.

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