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Client Success Story: Dr. John Warner DC – Colorado Health & Wellness

Colorado Health & Wellness is among the satisfied clients of Colorado Computer Support who’ve shared their experiences and successes. The chiropractic practice has partnered with CCS for over a year now, and the relationship has been transformational. Dr. John Warner, the company chiropractor, had a lot to be thankful for in a brief client success story.

According to the good doctor, the wellness facility initially relied on an IT agency that never really impacted their operations. This can be a huge impediment, especially for companies that aren’t specialized in tech. Healthcare providers can experience even more disadvantages due to the sensitivity of the data they process and the rapid tech advancement in the industry.

It took the facility about two years to leave their previous provider and shake hands with CCS. But just a year into the relationship, the doctor even wonders why they didn’t sign a contract in 2017 when they first encountered CCS.

“It took us over two years to make the transition, but I’m so glad I did. I speak for the entire company based on the service that we’re now receiving from CCS. I’m glad I made CCS my trusted service provider, even though I should have made the decision one or two years earlier. But better late than never!”

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A Complex IT Landscape Across Sectors

Just like Colorado Health & Wellness, most companies pay more attention to their core business at the expense of their IT functions. Small and medium enterprises, in particular, usually operate with limited budgets and understaffed IT teams. As such, they end up lagging in tech and face vast cybersecurity risks.

Health practitioners, in particular, encounter numerous IT-related challenges, including overall implementation, privacy and security, and complex asset tracking. Staff also leverage devices with user-unfriendly interfaces, and practices must align with vast compliance requirements.

All these challenges combined with the general risk environment bring the need for comprehensive IT functions. It’s hard for growing businesses to achieve this in-house, and that’s why most opt to outsource IT support.

Choosing a reliable Colorado IT company can be the tipping point to efficient operations, improved productivity, and better returns from your IT investment.

Dr. Warner acknowledges that it took some time before they noticed the first company’s incompetence, which can be risky for your IT. In this situation, you’ll never fully understand your IT needs, fail to keep up with the dynamic healthcare tech trends, and increase your cybersecurity vulnerability.

CCS comes through for Colorado businesses with its comprehensive suite of IT services to cover all your needs and boost your competitiveness. Our far-reaching offerings are categorized into three broad sections: IT Services, IT Security, and Cloud Services.

An All-Inclusive Suite of IT services

A complete infrastructure can be expensive, from tech acquisition and getting the right IT talent to making the solutions deliver the expected results. You’ll also pay for upgrades, repairs, maintenance, and payrolls. This might seem like technology is working against your needs instead of addressing them.

Fortunately, you can count on CCS for proactive thinking and reliable tech support. Colorado Health & Wellness and other organization within the state have evaded IT deployment and maintenance complexities, cut their costs, and substantially increased returns on IT investments.

CCS IT services cover the following elements:

  • Tactical IT planning
  • Mobile device management
  • Support for Mac and Apple devices
  • Efficient help-desk services
  • Wireless networks
  • Server virtualization
  • Best practices and meaningful use guidance

IT Security 

Understandably, companies primarily focus on optimizing core business. But the effort could go to waste if you snub IT security, and you may suffer significant implications that could impair your business.

According to a 2019 study, companies lost an average of $200,000 due to cyberattacks targeted at both small and established organizations. Another report notes that approximately 43% of these attacks target small practices, quite a substantial fraction. However, only 14% of SMEs have robust defenses to ward off cybercriminals.

Note that the study was conducted before the global digital migration due to the COVID-19 situation. Companies have seen an increase in cybersecurity challenges in the new normal, and attackers are now using advanced tools and effective tricks to compromise systems.

Fortunately, CCS is always ahead of threat actors. We offer comprehensive security planning that analyzes your infrastructure security for vulnerability identification, system patching, and adequate preparation for advanced threats.

Our IT security cover three broad facets:

  • Network and email security
  • Business continuity planning and reliable backup systems
  • Mobile device security

Cloud Services

CCS cloud consulting service entails examining your company’s operations, goals, and capabilities, then working collaboratively to choose suitable cloud options for your needs and budgets. Our cloud support helps you address the following key concerns:

  • Cloud security – We’ll assess the impact of cloud services on your overall IT security then help you make your cloud usage safe and straightforward.
  • Ease of collaboration – We’ll help you leverage the right cloud solutions to access applications and data, hence simplifying remote work and collaboration.
  • Cost minimization – We’ll help you cut costs with cloud services through hosted virtual services like Office 365 and VoIP phones.

Our all-inclusive scope of IT security services covers hosted services, cloud options (like web hosting, hosted Microsoft Exchange, hosted Microsoft Dynamics, and hosted SharePoint), and VoIP business phones.

Why Choose CCS?

Every IT support company in Colorado will market itself as an industry leader, promising excellent services and top-notch aid. But only a handful of them can guarantee a comprehensive IT support solution customized for any business environment, including complex sectors like health care and education.

CCS stands out thanks to our proactive services and flexible service plans for all business sizes and sectors. We also offer constant monitoring and real-time communication, and our constantly open eyes can detect a problem and fix it instantly to cut downtime.

Our clients also laud our multi-platform support and complete cooperation, serving as a whole IT team or working hand in hand with your in-house personnel. With years of experience helping companies get the most from technology, we’ll offer the right insights to help you avoid common mistakes.

Finally, we are among the leaders in vendor management, providing you direct benefits of our vendor relationships.

Be Part of Our Client Success Story

Dr. John Warner’s final sentiments give a clear description of the CCS experience. He said, “I gave the other company plenty of wiggle room. But I will never refer anybody to them, and I recommend that anybody who’s listening transitions to CCS.”

It doesn’t take much to transform your IT functions like Colorado Health & Wellness and share your success story with us. A complete overhaul of your infrastructure is just a phone call away, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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