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Client Success Story – Colorado Health and Wellness

Colorado Health and Wellness is a chiropractic practitioner located in the Colorado Springs community. The facility has been serving the region for more than 38 years.

Initially, they never knew how much they were lagging in terms of their IT and didn’t understand their needs either. But since partnering with Colorado Computer Support in 2017, the company has experienced immense transformation.

Skylar Warner, the Office Manager at Colorado Health and Wellness, acknowledges that our range of services has adequately addressed their needs.

“When we met in 2017, we were really impressed with the services that you could offer and didn’t really know much about our IT needs as much as we do now. As we started to grow and expand the size of our company and the list of services that we offer, we realized that our IT architecture needed more attention than we thought.” He said.

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Health and Wellness Companies’ Unique IT Needs

True to his word, healthcare providers and wellness companies face unique IT-related challenges. Apart from the tremendous improvements and medical technology innovations that have radically improved service delivery. this generation of sweeping changes has come with several challenges:

  • Overall implementation – The learning curve for medicine tech implementation is quite steep, and this can lead to malpractices and errors if a practitioner uses technology without comprehensive understanding.
  • Complex asset tracking – Staff can use asset tracking on electronic health records to find anything, but poorly designed systems may impede their work.
  • Privacy and security – Staying ahead of threat actors targeting vital customer information and health can be challenging.
  • Legacy systems – Most facilities still leverage out-of-date tech solutions with numerous vulnerabilities like the one that led to compromised NHS systems in 2017.
  • User-unfriendly interfaces – Despite the advancing medical tech, most solutions come with user-unfriendly interfaces that make them even more complex.
  • Compliance – A simple mistake could lead to compliance issues and penalties from data compliance bodies like HIPAA, FISMA, GDPR, and PDI DSS.

These are just several problems that Colorado Computer Support solves for companies in health and other sectors. The results so far are satisfying, and this is evident in Skylar’s remarks.

“When we started going through the rabbit hole with the guidance of our IT experts, we realized that the pricing we got on day one wasn’t a bad price at all since we really got what we paid for. Right from day one, we enjoyed working with this team, and they made our work easier, working with our best interests at heart,” he said.

A Comprehensive Suite to Revolutionize Your IT

Here are the critical IT services that Colorado Health and Wellness and other businesses in Colorado get from Colorado Computer Support:

IT services

Partnering with Colorado Computer Support relieved Colorado Health and Wellness of the vast technology expenses, from the upfront cost of software and hardware to ultimately ensuring the tech solutions deliver the required results. With all the hurdles that encompass IT deployment and maintenance, having a technology expert to address your needs can be helpful.

These IT services include:

  • Help desk services
  • Strategic IT planning,
  • Wireless networking mobile device management
  • Meaningful use consulting
  • Server virtualization services.

IT Security

Most practitioners and service providers focus more on other aspects of their practice at the expense of IT security. In his testimonial, Warner mentions that most of his work as an office manager involves “crunching numbers and figuring the best deals out there.” But Colorado Computer Support offered an improved IT environment and allowed them to focus on core business.

But at a time when companies of all sizes are at risk of cyber threats, you need a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to keep your business and data safe.

  • Email and Network security
  • Data backups and planning

Cloud Services

The cloud has become a pillar in Colorado business IT, and companies are leveraging cloud technologies for seamless remote access, reduced expenses, scalability, and more benefits. Colorado Computer Support walks you through cloud technologies and lets you use these solutions optimally. You’ll get affordable and reliable services with minimal hardware investment.

  • Hosted solutions
  • Hosted business telephones

Besides health and wellness providers like Colorado Health and Wellness, Colorado Computer Support also works with diverse organizations in different industries, including manufacturing, law firms, and learning institutions.

Want to be part of our client success story? Reach out today.

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