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The Benefits Of Voice Over IP Phone Systems & Cell Phones For Colorado Springs Businesses

It’s a great idea to consider purchasing Voiceover IP Phone Systems for your office. They are easy to use and in the days of so many people working remotely, you and your employees might like the option of taking work phone calls on your cell phone. Most Voice over IP Phone Systems supports transferring calls from your desk phone to your work phone.

If you already have this type of system, there are a few tips and tricks you might find to help you become more efficient. And, if you don’t have this system set up, it has never been easier to get started. Take a look at how easy it is to start using your cell phone for all your work phone calls!

Change Your Desk Phone To Your Cell Phone

Office work will never be the same. Many people will be remote forever and many others will work on a hybrid system. This means that you can no longer rely on a desk phone to do your job. But, maybe people have had the same desk phone for years and that’s how their customers know them.

The easiest solution is to be able to use your cell phone as your desk phone and keep the same desk phone number you have had. To do this, you want to be able to take calls on your cell phone without anyone needing to know your new phone number.

When you integrate your cell phone with a Voiceover IP phone system, you now have that power to put your desk phone in your pocket and always be reachable (which might not be the best thing for work/life balance – no more leaving work in the office!)

Use An App

There’s an app for that. It’s true – using a simple app, you can easily have your work calls transferred and even receive your voicemails on your cell phone. It is incredibly easy to get it all set up, and you can actually do anything on your cell phone now that you would on your desk phone. Transfer calls, three-way calls, voicemails – if you did it from your desk phone, you can now do it from your cell phone.

Setting it up is easy. You just need to program it. Then, you will receive an email with a QR code in it. Open the app, scan the QR code, and your phone will pre-configure itself with everything it needs to use this technology. All of your contacts are actually going to be loaded into your phone too. It’s like an instant work Rolodex that will instantly be available on your cell phone. Imagine CEOs decades ago scrolling through their Rolodexes! They could never fathom this technology!

How Can This Help You?

Where are you reading this from right now? Where do you work from the most? Gone are the days of most of the world being physically in an office from 9-5. You no longer have to worry about missing a crucial business call because you need to take your child to the dentist.

This technology is amazing! While it’s true you actually might find yourself working a little more than you did before because you can answer your desk phone any time of day, most employees (and managers) find this tool to be life-changing. You get so much more flexibility in your day. Your work/life balance might actually improve now since you don’t have to rush to physically sit at your desk to take a phone call. You can walk the dog, run an errand, go to a doctor’s appointment, and still have your phone with you.

As the world embraces remote work, Voiceover IP phone systems have become a critical tool to help both employees and companies thrive in the new normal. Continuing into the future, desk phone numbers might not even be issued any more, as new employees begin to just use their cell phones. But, this technology is the key to getting us there. Furthermore, some companies might issue desk phones forever, so they can take care of the billing and charges associated with the phone calls.

Saves The Company Money

This type of technology can actually save the company money. As employees work from home, companies are deciding what technology to outfit them within their home offices. Instead of sending desk phones home with employees, this technology means employees can use their personal mobile devices, which just about everyone has, and take their calls on these devices.

It also increases employee productivity, which means the bottom line revenue for companies should only increase. Improving work/life balance and offering employees flexible work schedules also helps retain the best talent. With so many companies offering remote work options now, employees can be really selective about where they work. Positioning your company to retain talent will go a long way towards making sure your company is positioned well for decades to come.

Employee satisfaction is important! And, giving employees freedom, which Voiceover IP Phone systems do, can be life-changing. Be the company with cutting-edge technology, so you can attract top talent and run your company efficiently. You’ll soon see yourself as a top dog in your industry!

We Can Help

Reach out and contact us if you have any questions about how to purchase or how to set up your Voiceover IP Phone Systems. Employees love having the flexibility of working remotely at least some of the time, and this type of phone system can go a long way towards increasing their productivity, which will help increase your company’s revenue.

Our team can answer any of your IT questions, from phone systems to virus protection. Let us help you set up the right IT products for you and your team! Don’t struggle with IT needs. You and your company are experts in your industry. Rely on experts in the IT industry to help make sure all of your IT needs are taken care of. Outsourcing your IT needs frees you up to run your business effectively.

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