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Denver Organization Receives Help With Cisco Switches & Firewalls Configuration Thanks To CCS

As IT infrastructures get more sophisticated, firms need to use experts to optimize their benefits. Companies have systems to connect and protect.

Switches and firewalls are essential components of any IT infrastructure. Firms struggle to choose the right ones as there are many providers of these components. Choosing the right products and support company is crucial. It may save you money, optimize your operations, and ensure your infrastructure is secure.

Companies always approach Colorado Computer Support when they need firewalls and switches. Colorado Computer Support is a leading provider of reliable, customized IT service and IT support in Colorado. Our specialists developed this guide to help firms get the best services from Cisco switches and firewalls.

What Are Switches?

Switches are vital building blocks for networks. They act as controllers, linking devices on the same system in a building or campus.

Linked gadgets — such as wireless access points, computers, servers, and printers — can communicate with each other and other networks. Switches can save money and increase productivity by enabling connected appliances to share information and resource allocation.

Types of Switches

  • Unmanaged Switches: users can use them by plugging them in. One need not configure them. They are for basic connectivity. You will often find them in home networks or where a few additional ports are necessary, such as in a conference room or your desk.
  • Managed Switches: users can configure them to suit their network requirements. This capability provides greater security and more flexibility. Greater control enables you to safeguard your network and improve the user experience.
  • Modular Switches: provide flexibility as you can add expansion modules as your system requirements evolve. Expansion modules are specific to applications, and they include those for network analysis, wireless connectivity, and firewalls. They may also support additional power supplies, cooling fans, or interfaces.
  • Smart Switches: provide some segmentation and management, security capabilities, and quality of service. They are not scalable, and entities deploy them at the edge of a vast network. They may also use them as the infrastructure for small systems or those of low complexity.
  • Fixed-Configuration Switches: provide a specific number of ports. You cannot increase them to suit your needs. They include smart switches, managed switches, and unmanaged switches.

Signs You Need a New Switch

You may need a new switch if:

  • Fans are working at a higher speed, trying to cool down the unit
  • The switch has a sudden loud noise
  • Your connection drops off
  • You have frequent port failures
  • Your firm needs to scale, and the switch you have does not support your needs

How Do You Benefit by Configuring Cisco Switches?

  1. Cisco Switches make your network to be a strategic asset by supporting extensions and delivering intelligent, helpful experiences
  2. Cisco switches deliver incredible user experiences by facilitating users from varying locations across multiple devices
  3. They provide superior service levels and access by offering high throughput, maximum uptime, automated operations, and enhanced access
  4. Cisco switches can reduce resource consumption and energy costs through extended service life, StackPower technology, power savings, and optimized video and virtualization services
  5. They accommodate IT and business shifts by allowing you to scale or configure them to suit your needs
  6. Cisco switches enable you to implement security and compliance techniques by locking down information, mitigating threats, and allowing user movements in your network
  7. They have two power supplies which ensure your systems are always up even when one fails

What Are Firewalls?

Firewalls are network security devices that monitor outgoing and incoming network traffic to decide which ones to allow and those to block based on specific security rules.

Cisco firewalls create a barrier between controlled and secured internal networks that you trust and untrusted outside connections, such as the internet. A firewall can be software, hardware, or both.

Types of Firewalls

  • Proxy Firewall: serves as a gateway from a network to another for a specific application. It can provide extra capabilities, such as content caching and security, by denying direct connections from users outside the system.
  • Stateful Inspection Firewall: blocks or allows traffic based on port, state, and protocol. It monitors all activities when a connection is available. Filtering decisions depend on the administrator and context rules — using data from earlier connections and packets of the link.
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM) Firewall: combines the functionality of a stateful inspection firewall with antivirus and intrusion prevention.
  • Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW): block today’s threats such as application-layer attacks and advanced malware. Gartner Inc. provides a comprehensive list of elements that make up NGFW. They say that NGFW has techniques to address changing security threats, application awareness, and control, integrated intrusion prevention, standard firewall capabilities, and upgrade paths for future information feeds.
  • Threat-Focused NGFW: have all the capabilities of NGFW, and they also offer advanced threat identification and remediation. They have complete context awareness to show assets more at risk, better detect evasive or suspicious activity, and improve response to attacks.
  • Virtual firewall: users deploy it as a virtual addition in a cloud to monitor and secure traffic across virtual and physical networks.

Signs You Need to Change Your Firewall

  • Your vendor does not offer regular updates
  • You have been a victim of intrusions while having the firewall
  • Configuring the firewall is challenging

How Do You Benefit By Configuring Cisco Firewalls?

  1. You get world-class security controls that defend against modern, sophisticated threats
  2. They offer consistent policy and visibility against threats in your network
  3. You can integrate them into your existing system and security infrastructure

How Does Colorado Computer Support Help You Configure Cisco Switches and Firewalls?

Colorado Computer Support is your reliable partner in strategic information technology across Colorado. We provide a completely managed IT service that frees you to concentrate on your core business. Our clients include hospitals, learning institutions, and companies in Colorado. We tailor solutions to suit clients’ needs, and our support team is ready to help when you need us.

Colorado Computer Support provides Cisco firewalls and switches. We offer these solutions because they are beneficial, easy to configure, and give value for money. Our staff will help you set up and address any concerns or answer questions you have. Cisco firewalls and switches can ensure you have the right IT infrastructure to support the pursuit of your goals.

Ready to Configure Cisco Switches and Firewalls to Support Your IT Infrastructure?

Organizations need to leverage IT systems to help them achieve their goals. Cisco switches and firewalls allow you to do this action. Cisco switches support connections to your network, while Cisco firewalls protect them. Companies that do not have them are vulnerable to attacks, and they do not optimize their systems and connections.

Colorado Computer Support provides Cisco firewalls and switches that will ensure you leverage IT to pursue your organizational goals. We offer IT support to firms based in Colorado, including Denver, Florence, El Paso County, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Littleton, Aurora, and organizations located along with businesses along the I-70 and I-25 corridors.

Click here to get started or call us at (719) 204-6507.


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