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If you’re like most computer users, you dread when your computer cables drop behind your desk when you disconnect them. The back of most desks, at work or at home, doesn’t generally get cleaned as often as other areas of your office and can be a repository for cobwebs, old paperclips, dust bunnies and who knows what all. Here’s an easy tip on how you can keep your cables attached to your desk, even when they aren’t hooked up to your computer and its components.

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How can I keep my computer cables from getting lost behind my desk when they aren’t in use?

Keep those pesky computer cables within easy reach even when they are disconnected by using a binder clip for each cable. To make this tip work, attach the clip to the edge of your desk near the cable. Then, disconnect the silver clip from the black portion and put it around the cable. Reconnect the silver clip to the black portion on your desk and your cable won’t be able to drop down behind your desk ever again.

What are some other tips that will make managing your office computer easier?

1. Organize the cables on your power strip with a simple grocery store item. You’ll never unplug the wrong cable with this easy tip. Use the square plastic tabs that come on grocery bread bags. Label the tab with what your computer cable attaches to (phone, printer, monitor, computer) and attach it to the base of the cable near the plug. The next time you go to unplug something, it will be easy to tell which cable you need.

2. Hide your unsightly power strip in a shoe box. Another tip that will help make your desk area look less cluttered is to hide your power strip in a shoe box that you’ve covered with fabric or contact paper. To give you access to the cords, you can poke holes in the side of the box and finish the holes with grommets.

3. Shorten your cables. Most people have much longer computer cables than they really need. After all, most of the time you only need to go from your desk to the floor. Avoid the cord clutter by using plastic cord winders (available at most hardware stores).

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