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Can Your Colorado Springs IT Company Guarantee You Will Not Be Breached?

Keeping a safe and secure network is a vital goal for modern companies, and failure to do so can lead to unfavorable results. A breach in the system can lead to losses worth millions and information falling into the competitors’ hands. Moreover, how can your clients trust you again after unauthorized sources gain access to their information?

That is why companies pay computer support companies to assist them in securing their systems and most companies will guarantee that they can assure that you don’t get breached. Unfortunately, Colorado computer support cannot guarantee that you won’t get breached, and any company that gives this guarantee is false advertising.

So how do you prepare for a security breach, and how do you deal with the aftermath of the breach?

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Types of Security Breaches

As we mentioned above, no one is immune to breaches, big small, medium firms, and even the federal government can be breached. Below are the commonest types of security breaches you are likely to experience:

Social Engineering

Be very careful how much information you disclose on the phone with anybody before you confirm their identity because you can compromise your security easily. An intruder may call you and claim to be from the company’s customer care or help desk; they then ask you to share your password so that they can fix your computer.

Do not fall for it; refuse to share your password with them because once you do so, your system is compromised.

Malware Attacks

Phishing emails can be used to compromise your system; once an employee clicks a link in a phishing email, the malware starts spreading throughout your network. If it is not discovered on time, your whole system can be compromised.

Exploit Attacks

These types of attacks take advantage of any vulnerability in your system, such as operating systems that are outdated. Accounts that you no longer use can also be used as a backdoor to gain access to the accounts you use.

Weak Passwords

An intruder can easily guess your password if it is weak. So creating a strong password is one way of reducing the chances of being breached.

Drive-By Downloads

Unsecured websites are risky because accessing them can lead to downloading viruses and malware to your computer and thus compromising your security.

How To Prepare For A Security Breach

A security breach in your system can cause a lot of financial losses as the attackers can use the data they obtain for various purposes. So do not wait until you have been breached and suffered significant losses to upgrade your security system and safeguard your data.

Here are tips that can help you can safeguard your system against breaching, plus tips on what to do if, unfortunately, you have already been breached:

Have Multiple Layers of Defense

You can never be too careful when it comes to the security of your most valuable asset: the data you have stored. So do not be content with one layer of defense. Now that you have strong passwords, the next step is to set up firewalls and other layers of security.

Do whatever it takes to ensure that intruders cannot easily break into your system and obtain data without being detected.

Detection and Analysis

The longer a security breach stays undetected, the more extensive the damage will be. So set up measures to monitor security threats and detect security breaches the moment they occur. If you notice any new activity or transaction in your system that you didn’t authorize, address it immediately.

Practicing and Learning

It is very devastating when your security is breached, especially if you have invested a lot of resources to safeguard it. However, take this as a lesson and learn all about the breach and how it happened.

Review your security and use simulations to improve it further. That way, when the intruders try to attack again, it will be much more challenging.

Confirm What Data Was Stolen

Check your systems after the breach, ensure you know what data the attackers stole or compromised, and take action. If it was financial information, you could alert your bank about it so that the attackers do not use the information to access your money.

Remember that attackers can target your clients’ information and use social engineering to get their confidential information. So ensure that your customers are aware of the breach, and they do not divulge any information to anyone who claims to be from your company.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Anyone can get breached because the same way you upgrade your systems, attackers also learn new ways of attacking new technology. Therefore, ensure that you have an excellent disaster recovery plan in place; this is the only way your company will survive a breach and stay operational.

How Colorado Computer Support Can Be of Help

At Colorado computer support, we are committed to providing our clients with the best professional IT support. Although we cannot guarantee that you won’t be breached, our team ensures that your system has a high level of security and thus makes it hard for potential attackers to breach it.

We also help businesses understand their systems well and eliminate any vulnerabilities which may make the systems an easy target for attackers. CCS goes the extra mile to ensure that attackers will not access your sensitive information when your system is breached.

We also guide our clients on how to leverage technology and networking for the growth of their businesses. Although you may upgrade your security, you can still get breached. At CCS, we help our clients to back up their data, which helps them bounce back after a breach.

Over To You…

Data integrity is essential for the growth and continuation of a business. However, the advancement of security has improved ways of storing, retrieving, and analyzing data; it has also made it possible for attackers to access it.

Colorado Computer Support offers our clients secure systems and safeguard their data against unauthorized access.

Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will readily establish how to secure your network and systems without purging your purse.

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