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How to Avert an Email Disaster: Automatically Encrypt Emails

Before technology took over, businesses and organizations used to communicate with their stakeholders through mail sent via the Postal Service. The security of the mail you would send via the Postal Service was determined by the nature of the information that you wished to share. In the past, confidential information was generally sent via registered mail.

Today, emails are the preferred method of communication, even for the most sensitive information. Unfortunately, the internet is flooded with cybercriminals waiting to seize as many emails as possible that are being sent and received from one organization to the next. There is good news though, with IT support in Colorado, you can secure your emails by automatically encrypting them.

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What is Email Encryption?

Email can travel a long way before it arrives in your inbox. With encrypted emails, you’ll avoid unwanted attention along the way. With one click, Colorado Computer Support will ensure your emails are automatically encrypted when they leave your mailbox. With email encryption, only the sender and the authorized recipient can read the message.

The safest way to send both personal and business emails is through end-to-end encryption. Once Colorado Computer Support configures your IT system to encrypt your email messages, all the emails you send will be encrypted to ensure that only the person you want to receive the email reads it. Automatically encrypting your emails will ensure that no bad actors or any other third party will be able to intercept your email.

End-to-end encryption begins with cryptography. For end-to-end encryption to be effective, both the email sender and the recipient must have access to the cryptographic keys. If you are the sender of the message, you will use the public key to encrypt the message. Once the recipient receives the email, the recipient will use the private key to decrypt the message.

Email Encryption Provides an Extra Layer of Protection

With nearly 85 percent of all emails classified as spam, we are all inundated with messages that we do not want and have no use for. Not every spam message lands in your spam folder; some of those messages land right in your primary inbox. Some of those messages that somehow bypass the spam filter will carry malware that can destroy your IT systems, workstations, networks, and servers.

With email encryption, you can ensure the contents of your email will only be read by the person the email was intended for. Your existing email platform, whether you have an on-premise infrastructure or use a cloud platform, provides you with the security you need without having to install additional applications every time you want to send a secure message.

Send Emails without Worrying about Security

Colorado Computer Support understands the unique and complex challenges that businesses face in terms of maintaining data security without impeding the speed of their business operations. For businesses seeking solutions that ensure high data integrity, we recommend email encryption.

Many businesses need to meet strict security standards, and an email encryption platform ensures that all the protected information you send lands only in the email inbox of the intended recipient. Our email encryption solution prevents the following information from being exposed:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Credit Card Information
  • Financial Information
  • And More

At Colorado Computer Support, we believe that both personal and enterprise emails should be encrypted. Our encrypted email solution comes with comprehensive support. If your hardware and solutions fail in any way, our experts can address and fix problems promptly. As a leading IT support provider in Colorado, we have found that bad actors go to great lengths to intercept emails. We don’t want your business to become a victim of the malicious actions of a cybercriminal. Contact us today and let us help secure your emails.

Thanks to the team at DataEcon in Dallas for their help with this content.

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