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Just the thought of your computer getting a virus is enough to give most people an anxiety attack. Unlike human viruses that resolve themselves in some days, computer viruses are there to stay and can compromise your business files, personal information and sensitive customer data. The temptation may be to load as many anti-virus programs on your computer as you can afford. However, this plan of action can be counterproductive and do more harm than good.

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What having multiple antivirus software programs is a bad idea

Remember the doctor warning you about taking various over-the-counter cold medicines at the same time? Most doctors advise against this practice, since your body isn’t designed to be able to handle a variety of assaults against the virus at the same time. Similar logic applies to your computer. Anti-virus software can slow down your computer. And, the more such programs you load, the slower and slower your computer will perform. All this software can bog down your computer to the point that a virus can slip through your defenses before they have a chance to warn you. The best plan of action, in our opinion, is to choose the anti-virus program that best suits your needs and your budget and stick with it.

Other tips to help you avoid computer viruses

Avoiding multiple anti-virus programs is just one of many things you can do to help keep your computer virus-free.

1. Update your anti-virus software regularly. New viruses are introduced almost daily. Because of this, it’s essential to keep your adding new defenses by downloading any updates to your anti-virus software.

2. Avoid using open WiFi. WiFi hotspots, such as those at coffee shops, the library and airports, are convenient, but they are also a right place for thieves to steal your data. That innoxious young woman sitting across from you could very well be a cyber crook.

3. Think before you click. Of course, the best way to protect your computer is always to be wary when asked to click on a link or download a file. These are the quickest ways to infect your computer. Make sure to verify with the purported sender if you are unsure.

Antivirus Services in Colorado Springs

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