Coronavirus & The Legal Industry – Is Your Staff Ready To Work Remotely?

There’s no decision as to whether your legal firm’s team can work from home or not – during the coronavirus pandemic, employees have to stay home. Do you have the right technologies in place to keep them productive, secure, and connected? As the coronavirus pandemic continues day by day, it becomes more and more important […]

Will You Let Coronavirus Put Your Business Continuity At Risk?

If you request your staff to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, they need the right tools to do their job and be successful. As an owner or manager, you will also need the right tools to continue to lead.

Should Your Business Use A Custom Built Computer?

Using A Custom Built Computer? Every now and then, a client or prospective client will ask us whether we would build them custom computers or servers. As much as we try to meet our clients’ needs as a part of the IT services we deliver, this is one service we don’t provide, and for good […]

Customize Your Chrome Setup to Kick-Start Productivity

Want to keep from getting distracted when you’re getting started with your day? These tips will help boost productivity as soon as you launch Google Chrome.

Is Cloud Computing the Future of Law Firms?

In the past, smaller law firms couldn’t compete with the scale and complexity of technology within large law firms, but nowadays, the cloud makes it possible…

[Video] Google Chrome Tips

Are you tired of having to open up the same five tabs every time you turn on your computer and start up Chrome? Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Did you know you can customize your Chrome start-up process? Check out our latest Tuesday Tech Tip video to learn more: CLICK HERE. How to customize your Chrome […]

Bring Spring to Your Screen by Changing Your Outlook Theme

Are you tired of staring at the same old boring Outlook designs? It’s easier to bring a breath of fresh air to your digital world than you might expect!  

Why Does Managed Law IT Support Make Sense?

Clients are demanding a more immersive, efficient experience from their attorneys, but this requires the right mix of hardware and software – something law firms have always struggled to achieve. How can managed IT services for law firms help? Find out now…