Tuesday Tech Tip: Gmail’s Confidential Mode

Want to add some extra security to a private email you need to send? We recommend trying Gmail’s Confidential Mode.

End Of Week Education: Streamline Your Appointment Scheduling With Microsoft Bookings

Tired of emailing back and forth to find a time to schedule an appointment with a client? Is your administrative staff spending all their time arranging your schedule? You can simplify the entire process with Microsoft Bookings.

Tuesday Tech Tip: Did You Accidentally Hit Send?

Have you ever sent an email by accident? With the Recall feature in Microsoft Outlook, you can call that email back before it gets read by the recipient.

How To Detect An Email Phishing Scam

Hackers have been taking advantage of the chaos brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic and employing email phishing tactics. Do you and your team know how to avoid being their next victim?

End Of Week Education: What Is Microsoft Office Lens?

Trying to keep track of important notes from meetings and organize all those post-it notes on your desk is annoying, right? Microsoft Office Lens allows you and your team to quickly capture and centralize important information for easy reference and access.

Tuesday Tech Tip: How To Use Microsoft Dictation

Did you know Microsoft has a Dictation feature? Instead of typing it yourself, have Microsoft take care of it for you.

End Of Week Education: Scheduling Meetings With Microsoft FindTime

Emailing back and forth with your team members in a never-ending reply-all email is the worst way to go about scheduling your next meeting. Why not simplify the entire process with Microsoft FindTime?