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How to “Keep Your Cool” When Windows Interrupts Your Workday with Patches or Updates.

If you’re like me, you really get frustrated when Windows makes you stop what you’re doing and wait until an update or patch is installed. And, when I get frustrated, you can hear me all the way down the hall screaming” AAUGH!” (just like Charlie Brown).


But, now I can keep my cool because I’ve found a way to keep Windows from aggravating me.  Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Home Windows Bar.
  2. Click the square and go up 2 spaces to the little “gear wheel” (this is where your settings are).
  3. Once you’re in your Windows Settings, scroll all the way down to Updates & Securities.
  4. On the Open Page, go to “Change Active Hours.”
  5. This will give you a Start Time option and End Time
  6. Enter the hours that you work and click Save.
  7. Now, when Windows pushes an update or patch it will modify this to a time outside of your workday.

My team members are so happy not to hear me screaming any longer! (At least not when Windows updates!)

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