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You Can Quickly Schedule Your Windows Update at a Convenient Time with These Useful Tips

Are your business users losing time during their working day due to forced updates? This quick tip will help you set up active hours on your PC so you never miss an important upgrade.  

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It never fails: you sit down at your computer just a few minutes before a big meeting . . . only to find that your system is in the midst of a major update and is completely frozen. Before you panic and call tech support, keep in mind that you can simply be patient for a few moments and your computer should naturally complete the upgrade. These security patches are an important part of your business technology, providing a higher level of security by reducing any holes or vulnerabilities that have been found in your systems. While getting stuck with a daytime update on your operating system can be a drag, there’s a quick way to resolve the issue that will have you back up and running — securely — in no time.

Setting Active Hours on Your Windows PC

Microsoft created a variety of controls for your Windows PC that are meant to help reduce downtime and increase productivity for users. While multiple reboots and system updates are a necessary evil, you can reduce the impact on staff members with a simple trick. Here are the steps required to make this change to your Windows PC:

  • Navigate to your Windows Settings
  • Select ‘Updates and Security’
  • Select ‘Change Active Hours’
  • Change the start and end time for your workday, and save your changes to apply the new settings

Setting your active hours tells your computer when you’re most likely to be actively using the platform, which allows the operating system to quickly determine when a patch can be applied without affecting your daily flow of work. It only takes a few seconds to update this setting, but it can save you from losing work if your computer begins an update sequence when you’ve stepped away for a cup of coffee. Another important lesson is that you should never leave your computer without locking it — that’s a big security no-no that leaves your personal information available on the screen for anyone wandering by to interact with.

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy solution for many common user frustrations such as automatically-triggered Windows updates. It’s vital that you share with your teams that they should never deactivate Windows automatic updates because that leaves your business systems vulnerable to an attack. Want to learn more about cybersecurity, Windows PC management and keeping your business running smoothly? Contact the experts at Colorado Computer Support today at 719-204-6507 or fill out our quick online form to schedule your free initial consultation.

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