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Boost or Reduce Icon Size on Your Windows Desktop

Having trouble seeing all those tiny icons on your Windows desktop? You’ll love how quickly you can make adjustments for visibility with this easy tech tip.  

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Personalizing the desktop of your Windows computer is an extremely personal task. Some people appreciate having a sea of icons available so you can quickly access any program with a single click from your desktop. Others prefer to keep their Windows desktop stark and simple, with only a few key icons — or none at all. Whichever your preference, adding icons to the home screen is only one of the ways that you can personalize the experience that you have with your desktop or laptop Windows computer. Did you know that you can also increase or decrease the size of the icons and the fonts that you have used to customize your home screen?

Shrinking the Size of Desktop Icons

If you would like to get a little extra breathing room on your main desktop, one of the easiest ways is to shrink the size that your icons are displayed on the main interface.

  • From the desktop view of your screen with no applications open, right-click on your screen and hover over the word that says “View”.
  • From here, you can select whether you want to utilize “Large”, “Medium” or “Small” icons, simply by selecting your favorite option from the menu.
  • Your computer defaults to using medium icons, so the “Large” option will provide you with fonts and images that are more easily seen while “Small” will shrink the real estate used for your icons.

That’s all! It only takes a moment to make this simple shift that can really make a difference in the way you use your Windows desktop.

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