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Published On: October 22, 2018 by Blake Schwank

Curtis Hyde of Colorado Computer Support (CCS) has provided this handy tip on how to use USB Cables.

A common problem that Colorado Springs tech support professionals very often hear about from computer users is uncertainty about how to insert USB cables.

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Frequently, people can’t figure out which side of the plug is supposed to face upward or downward when plugging in a USB cord. As a result, users often try to force the USB cable into the computer, which can lead to costly consequences.

Here’s Curtis’s tip on using USB cables, to help you better understand this small, but a very important component of your hardware connectors.

Forcing the USB Plug into Your Computer

First, remember never to try to force a USB plug into a USB port. Attempting to force the plug into the port can break the cord, computer, device, or car outlet.

Instead, make sure you know which side of the plug is the top and which is the bottom side before you plug in the USB cord.

Which Side of a USB Cord is the Top, and Which is the Bottom?

USB Cord Top — Look for a trident-shaped symbol on one side of the plug of the USB cord. The side with this symbol is always on the top side of the USB cord plug. However, some USB cables don’t have this symbol.

USB Cord Bottom — Look for a little crease on one side of the little metal plug at the end of the USB cord, where the metal has been joined together to form the tiny plug. The side of the USB plug that has the little crease is always the bottom side of the USB cord plug.

To Safely Plug in a USB Cord

UP — The side with the trident-shaped symbol must always be facing up when you plug in a USB cord.

DOWN — The side with the crease in the metal must always be facing down when plugging in a USB cord.

For More Information

For more detailed information about USB cords, or for any other Colorado Springs computer support, just call Colorado Computer Support, Colorado Springs at (719) 439-0599 any time. An important part of our IT services is answering users’ questions—so we’re here to help you! For answers to many frequently asked questions, you can also visit our website at

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