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Published On: August 29, 2017 by Blake Schwank

Businesses managing their e-mail exchange on an internal server using tools like Microsoft Exchange is something the Colorado Computer Support team runs across fairly often. Some are even relying on exchange servers that are more than a decade old! If your business fits this description, it’s time to move on to something new.

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Both Office 365 and Google Apps have matured to the point where they are more than capable of functioning as your business’ e-mail exchange server. In fact, they work a whole lot better. Unless your business is subject to compliance regulations that require you to keep your e-mail data stored in-house, adopting one of these options is a great choice. A hosted exchange server means you no longer have to worry about issues like backups, power outages, or service outages. Any one of these issues means your e-mail stops working completely, cutting your employees off from a vital tool.

If you choose to go with Office 365, your team will be able to keep using the interface they’re used to. Your exchange server will function the same, as will your calendars. You’ll also have the ability to access your e-mail from anywhere in the world. Google Apps offers you the option to collaborate with other available Google apps, but with a different style of calendar. While still a great option that offers a high level of accessibility, it might prove to be challenging for your staff to work with if they’re used to the Microsoft interface.

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